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June 27, 2006


nh dave

It terrifies me that there is someone other than myself e-mailing you humppa heckles Ken ;)

I work with a large number of germans and am always trying to talk them into going to these shows when they tour. The response is usually something like 'oh you have to watch out for those fins they are all drunks who travel to germany for the cheap booze'.

Great stuff however!


What a great band! I have personally converted a number of people into Eläkeläiset believers.
Unfortunately I didn't get to see them in Berlin this March, as all the tickets were sold-out, but their last year's Mosters of Humppa 2 show in Treptow park was brilliant. The best thing was Lassi Kinnunen doing the Lambada accordion solo, and the oddly appropriate cover of Scorpions' Wind of Change.
They're playing Monsters of Humppa 3 on July 22nd, but I just can't justify another trip to Berlin.

Oh, and BTW, the impression of Finns in Russia is even worse than it is in Germany. I grew up in St. Petersburg, and I've never seen a sober Finn when I was there.


Dave K.

Humppa...I found these guys years ago on Napster, just plugging away for cover versions, Hotel California was one of the first....Humppa Las Vegas!!!!!!!! Dave K.


Holy crap, that is Bon Jovi's "Livin' On A Prayer" that they are doing in the YouTube video. That is some great stuff!!!!

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