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June 18, 2006


Jon H

Where do you find this stuff? I love this blog! Just to be clear, I don't love you, but I do love the blog, and would consider marrying it before ever considering a date wih you -- whoever you might be.


Doesn't exactly have the panache of Flight F-I-N-A-L, but still funny only when you take into account the mindset that put it together and who they thought it would appeal to.
Overall, I give it three up-side-down stars.

Chuck Jones

I own this movie, and I am now ashamed. I saw it on television late when I was a teenager. I was in D.C. and it was on channel 54, a baltimore station, so it wasn't coming in very well. I recognized the star as "Eden" on the soap "Santa Barbara." I think there might me a Carradine in it, as the drunken satanic high school janitor.

Now you can buy it on Amazon. Very entertaining stuff. It's like "Porky's" but with Satan.

Chuck Jones

I meant to say that I was NOT ashamed, because I'm not.

Station Manager Ken

This is called "The Game of Life" and it's by Jarrel McCracken. I put a clip from it on Volume One of The Happy Listener's Guide to Mind Control.


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