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June 07, 2006



When was this aired specifically? I am trying to file a complaint, somewhat hypocritically I might add.


Those regulations do not apply to satellite television and radio, or cable television.

read the fucking article.


From now on, I think instead of the word "fuck", I'll just say "325,000".

OK, maybe that'll be just a little awkward.


Um.... any of you New Yorkers out there want to go visit Representative Gary Ackerman's office and kick him in the fuck? He was all set to vote against the bill, but then HE PRESSED THE WRONG BUTTON WHEN HE VOTED, thus accidentally voting FOR the bill. Fffuuuck.


This is going to back fire on them. Oh and the bill hasn't been signed yet. I don't know if the comments are retro active or not to a certain day, I don't think they are.


But still no fine for saying 'suck' ?
How about the line, 'lucky duck was sucked' ?
'Lucky duck was sacked' ?!

Or what if 'ship' were said on air by someone with a speech impediment, coming out as 'shit'?

The whole costly administrative process associated with this comes off as sadly comical.

Bo Kaltoft

A big thanks to the USA for making the world such world a funny place to live :-)


Does this apply to radio too, because if so, the song America - Fuck Yeah on the Team America soundtrack would cost $12,025,000 per play with fuck being uterred 37 times.

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