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June 27, 2006


dave in montreal

My favourite minute-by-minute commentary comes from the Guardian Unlimited site:

Very cheeky stuff, and they invite readers to write in comments, e.g. for headlines about the game... for example: 'Headline of the night Goes to Kevin Thomson for: "France rein-in Spain and put them on the plane." Superb.'

Krys O.

The production dept. at my job listens to XM Satellite and they have gamecasts.


CCTV 5 Baby! - Chinese Television using Peer to Peer Streaming Software works amazingly well. I heard about it on the NPR "World Bank World Cup" story and then did some research. The picture is great, but the audio is in Chinese.

Check it out:

The download link for TVAnts is:


CNN-SI gamecasts are ok and they seem to be closer to real time than ESPN. But the best part about CNN-SI is they do a verbal description of the goal celebration. Highly amusing. Description here.


ESPN has been carrying the games live online at their webcast site, ESPN 360. You can access it from the main page. Your DSL carrier, however, has to "carry it." I am not sure what that means; however, it allows Verizon DSL users to log in to watch.

jeff hunt is carrying quite few US channels, such as espn, cnn, abc. The best part is that I have been watch MLB in my office.


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