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June 26, 2006



I have cleared up the myths surrounding the Swedish Hemglass, Eric Ericsson and Robert Sund. I e-mailed Robert Sund via his website and here is a copy of the reply, in response to an earlier comment on this site.

E-Mail from Robert Sund:

Hallo Daniel,

Here are my answers to your questions:

I actually did not write the Hemglass jingle as it is performed today! My commission from Hemglass was to write a short melody, which should have the sound of bells (Glockenspiel). I wrote 10 different small melodies for them to select from, I even recorded them with this beautiful bell sound and then I heard nothing until the Hemglass buses showed up. And then it was with quite an ugly electronic sound and a melody that was similar to one of my proposals, but actually changed by someone almost to the real Laurel & Hardy tune. That's why I don't want to be known as the composer of this jingle.

It is not true that I have free icecream - this was a strict business deal.

I don't know about an Eric E. who launches ice cream brands, but I am sure that my teacher and friend Eric Ericson who is a world famous conductor has nothing to do with it.


So I think someone at Hemglass has plagiarised the Laurel & Hardy theme!


Pink Panther??? I played Pink Floyd, Led Zep and Black Sabbath! Along with the issued March of the Wooden Soldiers.1973


can you like not downlad thses things onto like your computer and stuff and make a cd cause i want to do that but i dont know how


don't you have any cleaner mp3s? it's so obviously recorded.

Anne Onyme

Thanks but you could make a .zip with all the songs ;).


An idea of ice cream truck is awesome. That's the funniest thing I've ever heard!! Brilliant!
Ice cream display on this truck is very new to me.

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Guess what came to the village today, for the first time (as far as I know) in the six years I’ve lived here. A bloody ice cream van! And guess who knew he was too far away and wouldn’t get to it before it drove off again. Bloody typical!

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Thank you so much for the great Ice Cream only ring there bell. I think a child got hit due to not hearing a car due to the music playing please let me know.

Jose peliculas

Thanks for the links!!


We also had The Omar Bread Man, in muncie, in

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