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June 08, 2006



Benjamin Walker reads a short story centering around The Day The Clown Cried in his 19 May podcast of The Theory of Everything. LINK!


Oh yeah, with Vincent Gallo I'm sure he'd slant it against the 'liberals' in a really nasty way. Bastard!

There's nothing the least bit funny about that loony neo-con junky wannabee!

Krys O.

Trying to remember who wrote the LCD article about "Clown" and I'm thinking it was Dave the Spazz. Can anyone confoim?



Station Manager Ken

Sorry if it wasn't clear, the Vincent Gallo line is a joke. Everything else is true. -ken

Dave the Spazz

Hey Krys

Nope, I never wrote a piece on it (wish I had!) and there's nothing in LCD about it. Maybe you're thinking of that Spy article? The link above is where the Harry Shearer quote is.

Krys O.

Aha! Thanks, Dave. I guess it's not that hard to confuse LCD with good ole Spy mag. Cheers!

Bill W

Could it really be worse than Roberto Benigni's Oscar winner?

Krys O.

Krys O.

Welp, here's the official take on the film:


When I saw Jerry Lewis last year he said
"Harry Shearer is a liar. And I hate to say that but it's true. No one has ever seen that film except me, and I know because I have the only print of it."
"I never released it because I thought the movie didn't do the idea justice"


Can it be a worse movie than Prairie Home Companion?

written by an ex-public radio person


Surely commenter "lip" knows Gallo's shtick is just that... He's very good at his bit; he's harmless.

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