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June 30, 2006


Jeff Winner

Altho this clip is from a 1974 airing of THE TONIGHT SHOW, Henson & Raymond Scott actually completed the original film in 1967...


I think Johnny's head-shake was aimed at Statler and Waldorf.

Gerald Osbourne

Why is it all these fantastically rare videos are finally surfacing on YouTube? Its annoying - I've searched for copies of these things fdr many years and though its good to see them on YouTube, the quality of YouTube videos is utterly abysmal so it rather spoils it all.

Mickey Mephistopheles

Here's one for Jeff or Irwin:
Any idea if Raymond Scott was involved with the music for this?
Entitled "Count to 10 with Nobody", this Sesame Street excerpt featured an electronic soundtrack and Jim Henson's Limbo puppet. (Krys on the messageboard says the voiceover talent is Rosko, presumably the late Bill "Rosko" Mercer of WNEW in the late 60s, but I wouldn't have a clue.)

Dale Hazelton

Fantastic! I watched the entire thing thinking it was an animation clip untl the very end when the chair and puppetry controls are revealed. Genius! I'd love to see someone today tackle this, animation or otherwise, with anything from Ken Nordine's Word Jazz series.


wow that was trippy.


Is that Kelly Burke in the picture there?

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