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June 19, 2006


supreme nothing

I guess the question is "Did Connie willfully know she was going to be that terrible?"

It seems like all those nutty weird moments that show up on U-Tube and passed around on mix-videotapes took place a long time ago. Very rarely does one see something odd and know immediately that it's gonna be a cult artifact in the future. I think we have a contender.

fatty jubbo

I just saw this one tonight. jaw dropping. I think I have a crush on Connie Chung now.


My favorite part is when she grunts getting off the piano. It makes me feel funny all over.

Steve PMX

such a shame their show got cancelled.


I tried my best, but at about 30 seconds I had to give up. Boy Christ, I thought she was awful even before she sang. Nowhere to go but up.


The moment, midway through when she dismounts the piano is the best thing I've seen on TV all year.

Mark Allen

Just think... if she had sung the news stories like that every single night - the ratings would have been through the roof!


Oh, how I'll sorely miss the punny portion of the show entitled "Po and Con" ... in which Chung and Povich banter mindlessly and make stupid comments about their relationship. Har har. Oh Connie, the respected journalist meter is reading at an alltime low...


That arrangement of "Thanks for the Memory" was deader than Bob Hope.

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