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June 13, 2006


Maurice Terenzio

Back in the late '60s, I was about fourteen years old and living in Chicago. A local kids TV show played the song "I Got A Rose Between My Toes". I never forgot it. Since the TV show did not identify the artist, I had no way of knowing his name. Over the years, I have played that song many times in my memory. For over forty years, I had been looking for the artist's name and a copy of that song. A few days ago, I did a search on youtube for "I Got A Rose Between My Toes". EUREKA!!! I found the song and the name of the talented composer/vocalist. A short trip to eBay, and I now own the "Louie's Love Songs" LP. My wife and I just finished playing the entire album, and we're currently awaiting the arrival of the "How Deep is Which Ocean" LP. My wife wanted me to contact his son and tell him how much joy the songs of his brilliantly talented father has given us. I believe John Carter frequents this website from time to time, so I hope he gets the message.

Richard Forsythe

I have always been a big Lou Carter fan and thrilled to find the lyrics to "I've got a rose between my toes" and many of his other wonderful songs tha I am still singing. I am 76 years young and still remember the words to most of his songs. What a talent!!

rob mariani

Lou Carter was one of the most talented song writers ever. So why can't I buy his records someplace? I used to own the vynal records but they swore out years ago. Anyone??
Rob Mariani

kenneth singer

Does anyone have the words to pafalafaka? I guess it was from the second album. i have been singing the first refrain to my kids & grandcnhildren & would love to do the whole song.

Frank DiPrima

In "How Deep is Which Ocean," among the musical questions Lou seeks to answer is "What Is This Thing Called Love?" -- Here are some lyrics as I recall --

"When you're angry and you throw a gravy soaked meatball,
And you barely miss the Home Sweet Home sign on the wall,
And she says your aim was perfect but the sign was small.
This is the thing called love!"

Lou Carter was the greatest American song parodist of them all.

Frank DiPrima


Thank you so much for posting this. I so loved Lou's Long Songs as a child and still love them as an adult. I have sung snippets of these songs for years to uncomprehending friends, they ain't got no class. I mean, how could anyone resist the lovely sentiments of I got a rose between my toes from walking barefoot thro the hothouse to you.....pretty baby. To say nothing of the pure poetry of what's a matter wit you? I love the internet.

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