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June 16, 2006


Dale Hazelton

Margie definitely gives a Brel tune a new spin on "If you go away". More of a sideways spiral instead of a downward one.

I Googled her and found nothing but this link to Hanson Records. They have ONE CDR of her left, with no info or track listing. Scroll down by artist name and take a shot with your Paypal account.

Steve PMX

Weird - did the same Google search and saw a couple Myspace profiles for uber-industrial fanatics who listed Margie Brandon in their favorite music.

this post has inevitably linked Anton LaVey with pink poodles - thats hot


You can see a scan of a different album on eBay:


hi, what a good new ! i collect rare versions of Ne me quitte pas (if you go away) here in France, and i am interested in all illustrations, LP cover, pictures of this singer (white or black? young or old? it's impossible to see her on the net!!!) help !
thank you all

nancy (o'sullivan)(valencia) stidham

I also had organ lessons from Anton Levay at the Lost Weekend in San Francisco in the early 70s. I did not know Margie very well but we had something in common. I'm lucky to be playing piano over here in Gothenburg, Sweden where I have lived and entertained for 11 years. I must say, however I will always have a soft spot in my heart for San Francisco. Best wishes to Margie and her poodles.

steve from Long Beach

I arranged to meet with a seemingly homeless guy who railed against the heavy metal music he used to collect, threatening to destroy it because Satan was a musician, if I didn't buy it, because he didn't want kids gettin' ahold of it. The only record he wouldn't sell was a Oakland A's LP, because he useta be a fan.

"Go ahead & burn the LPs," I told him, "Just let me have the 45s"

He acquiesed, tho he told me the devil was still in the Bay Area.

One of the 45s was by Margie Brandon on a red wax Paramount label, average condition with dirt in the grooves, writing and a piece of tape on the label.

Margie sings & swings on "In Cotati" - a tribute to a Bay Area hamlet b/w "Ac Cent Tchu Ate the Positive" by Margie & A.D. Brandon - who wrote the Cotati song - with the Jack Ross Quintet.

Don't know the year.



Here's the album cover :

fatty jubbo

wow! thanks! that better than I could have imagined!

Jack Mc Shadow

Re: Margie Brandon
I know a great deal about Margie Brandon.
The reason you almost never see an Original cover of "Live at Clancy's is becaused Margie was highly pissed at the management of Clancy's when this recording was made.The original cover showed Margie sitting and hugging her poodles. While she was hugging them...she was discreetly giving the finger to Clancy's. Most people didn't notice when they say the cover.
This is an old site so I am not going to possibly waste time here. If any one finds this & wants to know more about Margie Brandon..just email me.


hi again, and THANK YOU for the cover of the LP !!! very hard to find !




thanks very much for this post, I've been meaning to do this for ages and finally got around to it...the margie brandon myspace page.
this is for all of you that really do need to know more about this enigmatic lady. I must say I'm having trouble finding anything out about her or her recordings.


Margie Brandon is alive and well and lives in Grants Pass, Oregon. She would be in her 70's now. Pretty much retired, but does some entertaining. I made the album for Margie back in the very early 70's, and was the first person to ever inform her she was on the internet. She is an extremely private person.

Dr. Earl Dean Mitchell

Margie Brandon is still very much alive and still lives in Grants Pass, Oregon. She is now nearing her 80's. Her telephone and email are private. She can be reached at 360 Cambridge Drive, Grants Pass, OR 95526

kris hendrickson testanier

Wow! Fantastic ;) I love Margie's works! Thanks so much!!!

Dr. Earl Dean Mitchell

I am so glad you like the music of Margie Brandon. She is an absolutely wonderful woman. I am "John" also. I was afraid if I used my real name, Margie would receive a ton of email. I am now 74 and don't much care anymore. I remember the night in 1971 when we recorded the album. Sound trucks on the sidewalk and street. Remember the Cable Car goes up and down Powell Street. Margie was friends with many a member of the San Francisco Police Department and they helped direct traffic. The lovely Miss Brandon recording was a big deal in the early 1970's. I can't remember when she sold her home in San Francisco. She had a view that would "kill" and a large home that held several hundred people for her annual Christmas parties. She will always be remembered by me and millions of people as one of the living legends of the City by the Bay.

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