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June 27, 2006



I just laughed so hard, string cheese came out my nose. No more reading WFMU blog and eating!


I know, but can we talk about Keira Knightley's lamprey mouth and lantern jaw? It's seriously FREAKING ME OUT!!

Mike Adler

skulls are impervious to malnutrition?

copy of nytimes article on why today we like disproportionate features like jolie's bumper lips.

Krys O.

Keira doesn't have a lantern jaw. Joan Sutherland and John Cleese do.

Does anyone notice that the trend of plastic surgery addiction among the rich results in "trout mouth"? Don Van Vliet was more than just a musical visionary.

Pseu Braun

Thanks, Liz! Just wanted to add one more, often noted as the original "lollypop head":
Ms Shalom Harlow!


O rly?

She totally does too have a lantern mouth. Her jaw protudes four feet from her face, and it creeps me out. Okay, yes, I'm exaggerating. But her method of acting? Is sticking out her lower jaw. She does it when she's playing angry, scared, and horny. It's true. And it goes, like, two inches out. Her jaw. Creepy.


In lieu of acting, she thrusts out her prominent jaw.

Krys O.

yeah, right.

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