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June 19, 2006



In the Igor Ugolnikov video the music is strongly reminiscent of the theme from the TV show The Gummi Bears. "Dashing and daring! Courgeous and caring! Faithful and friendly with stories to tell!"


I can't believe you didn't link to the Tuvan throat-sung version. Sounds a little reminiscent of Greensleeves but it along with every other version on the linked page blows the lame-Robert-Bly-early-'90s-ass Billy Bragg version out of the water and leaves it in a treetop amid a forest fire.
"All victims of aggression" in fucking deed

Station Manager Ken

The only problem with the "Tuvan Internationale" is that it's NOT The Internationale! It has no melodic resemblance to the song at all.



Right, rather than go into the phrase mongering, of playing the same old Internationale it's a total re-working of it.
Compare that with the going through the motions version Billy Bragg treats us to. He's like the Dan Fogelberg of communism.


The Soviet Union was all about international unity and peace.


I get the feeling you're trying to say something other than what your words indicate. Is there some reason why, while posting anonymously on the internet in George W. Bush's america, you are afraid to be identified as an anticommunist?

While the Soviet Union was a police state that gave communism a bad name the primary aggressor in the cold war was unquestionably the U.S. From Hirohsima through the invasion of Grenada and the contra war this was the case. Let's not forget the backing of Islamic fundmentalists in the Afghan civil war which didn't work out so well, at least for me, being at 1 Whitehall st. on the morning of Spetember 11th 2001.

Station Manager Ken

Sorry to disappoint, Bartleby. I'm not posting anonymously - it wouldn't take much sleuthing to uncover "Station Manager Ken's" last name. And I'm not making a political point. I just love both songs, simple as that. I have neither love nor hatred for the Soviet Union, or for communism, which I consider a nice idea that fails miserably in practice.



Oh, I thought it was someone else.

Jonny Hirn

This is so odd... I stumbled upon the site for "The Internationale" two days before it became immortalized on the WFMU blog. Must be some cosmic unconciousness thing happening here. A good source for more can be found on the external links on the Wikipedia page... Billy Bragg does a sock-o rendition of the tune.

passing traveller

thank you for your share,i love this viedo cery much
my english is poor sorry


Salutin' Putin!

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