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June 25, 2006


evan cordes

Hm. The email address you give bounced. Any suggestion for how to help support Jake and get the cd? Thanks for all the info & mp3s!


Try and coopt that sound, Mr. Eric Clapton!


Nice one. I always heard it as "Shaky Jake" when I lived there, though ...


The email address you give bounced? i dont think so. email ok!

Station Manager Ken

Thanks a lot Lukas! I remember Shakey Jake well - did he change his name or something? He always wore a red carnation on his lapel and frequently had hot babes on his arm, no small feat for a homeless guy. Another Ann Arbor street personality I remember was the great Doctor Diag, who ranted and raved and harrassed students in the middle of campus. He was eventually arrested for assault and when he got out of jail he went to work for a congressman in DC.



I remember Dr. Diag, and a seemingly gentle soul (a student?) that walked around everywhere barefoot, even in the dead of Michigan winter. His hair was a complete matted mess. Who am I to judge, but he must have had awfully cold feet.

Steve PMX

blues today suffers from not enough moonshine. Same with country. Bluegrass, on the other hand...


I'm from Mexico.
Somebody could tell me where I can buy/order the "on the move" album and if they could send it to me to here.

Susan O'Rourke

YES.. WE certainly remember Shakey Jake!
I moved to Saginaw MI in the early 70s and at that Time
Jake was a regular fixture here in Saginaw.
It saddens us that Saginaw is never mentioned in his History!
It wasnt until the 80s as I remember that he left for Ann Arbor and WE MISS HIM even today!
So much, as a matter of fact that we are naming a Blues Festival AFTER HIM.
The Last Saturday in Sept 07 we will hold the
to be held at
3736 Mackinaw
Saginaw MI


Please credit the pic of Jake with the pink guitar and white bucket to me. Photo by Dan Martin


09/17/07 WEMU radio today has reported that Shakin Jake Woods passed away at his Ann Arbor home in Baker Commons.
He always aked about my son. A good friend with a remarkable memory.

mucho gusto

Shakin' Jake has left the building.

One the move once again.

God speed Jake Woods.


Can someone pleeeeze tell me where I can get a Shakey Jake t-shirt?


Shakey Jake's memorial will be Sunday Sept 23rd at Muelig Funeral Home in Ann Arbor at 1 pm.

Bob Ruskin

Shakey Jake documentay video shot in 1998 on You Tube


I loved Shakey Jake! He was just a part of the street scene you took for granted in Ann Arbor but I recall seeing him on the streets around Fleetwood Diner all the time in the mid to late 70s. He played his blues for me many times and gave me the one finger hand shake if anyone remembers that let me know. I haven't lived in Ann Arbor for 26 years but I'll be back next weekend for a family wedding. I hope to find a nice photo of him. The T-shirt I owned disintegrated years ago. I've heard many business owners kept him safe, fed, and warm over the years so I'd like to thank them from the bottom of my heart. Hew was one of a kind.

Dave Krease

We knew Jake as "Jumpin Jake" back in the 60s in Saginaw....a loveable guy for sure. He hung with us at Ojibway Island....great guy, and great character. If anyone didn't care what other people thought, it was certainly Jake, back then. I never saw him after he left Saginaw.

Chad Jozwick

I grew up in A2 and remember Shakey Jake. My father worked at Van Bovens on State Street. He knew him and would give him rides because he knew he was on the move. My father is now gone and so is one of his friends.


Shakey Jake, the one, the only and always on the move - truly one of my fondest memories of Ann Arbor! Rest in peace, Jake - Maureen Stewart


Does anyone know where to purchase a shakey jake shirt? Mine is long gone...


My brother introduced me to Jakewhen he was in school in '89 and he always made me smile when I was there in the mid 90's. I brake for Jake!


Yea, we in Saginaw MI remember Jake. As he was well know and liked by almost everyone. In fact Jake started in Saginaw way before he hit the streets of Ann Arbor. He would play even for 1 penny for the youngsters, as he walked from neighborhood to neighorhood. I am sure everyone everywhere will miss him. He made us all smile.


Jake very well could have been over 100. When I left A2 in '76
he already seemed like a very old soul.

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