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June 29, 2006


Scott in Tokyo


"no one has ever died for a flag, they die for an idea."

Right on brother Bill. The fact that Orrin Hatch says that this non-issue is the "most important thing the senate could be doing right now" pretty much says it all about the GOP's priorities doesn't it. War? Debt? Osama who? Nope. Those issues pale in comparison.

Hatch ought to go on tour with the Lord of the Sith Zell Miller. They would make a great stand up comedy outfit.


It is funny listening to Hicks these days. Boy he thought things were odd back in the days of reagan and bush 1! I don't think in his worst nightmares he would have dreamed about the insanity going on now... He really was way ahead of his time. You could take his rants about the first iraq war and play them now and most people wouldn't know the difference.

As for Utah, by far one of my favorite places to visit (southern utah mind you) as long as you don't have to interact with the people. It sucks that the landscape is so wonderful out there. Orin Hatch has always been a nut and is just pandering to the very scary base. I don't see people out on the street corners burning their flags (especially not around this time of year) so how this even rates as anything remotely important really is amazing. I personally would never burn a flag but the last thing I want to do is outlaw it, especially with an admendment.

Call me crazy I like having the constitution have explicit granting of rights, not the taking of rights. That is the part of these debates I just don't get...

Ann on

Yous should post an MP3 of "burn the flag" by the Goats


This is right on Mike!


Excellent! Mixing GI and Hicks is a stroke of brilliance.

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