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June 01, 2006



Computer-generated form letters.

All generated by the Parents Television Council, an activist organization that claims 1 million members. That doesn't seem too bad. This is, after all, America, right?

Except for this: There are 110 million TV households in America.

1 million individuals out of 110 million TV households does not remotely approach a majority, at least not by the method I use to calculate percentages. (*Note - the actual number of individuals in these 110 million TV households surely soars way above 110 million).

That's bad.

Is this the message that the Parents Television Council really wants to send? That you can hijack a government agency with e-mails to get your way? That it's really Uncle Sam's job to be their children's parent?

Check out TV Watch, at, to find out what most Americans really think about government regulation of TV. Then add your voice to the common-sense majority.


I'd like to refer you to this article about the recent Judiciary Committee vote on Net Neutrality. Especially this para:
"In an unusual twist, many members of the committee said they were voting for the legislation not because of strong concerns over Net neutrality--but instead because of a turf battle. They said they were worried that a competing proposal already approved by a different committee last month would diminish their own influence in the future."

I am with the Hands Off the Internet coalition and there is so much confusion about the real effects Net Neutrality legislation could have that I urge you to visit our site and see the other side. We oppose additional government regulation of the Internet - its that simple.


This might concern me if I didn't know that Hands Off the Internet is a fake grassroots organization set up by the telecommunications companies.

Nice try, guys.


No one is faking anything. Its all right there for you to see who our members are. You don't want to learn about Net Neutrality because the coalition's members include telecom companies? Is that what you're saying? Seems a bit short sighted.

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