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June 05, 2006


fatty jubbo

jesus christ- that rapping is pretty damn stunning!


It's amazing what some exotic samples and a language we don't understand can add to music!!

Steve PMX

At the top of that picture, it says "MP3 for CD ROOM and MP3 PLAYER"

So legit it hurts!


The guy with the sunglasses in the middle is Preap Sovat. He's also the guy in the straw hat holding a flute. He plays mostly rock music, very popular. I don't know about the others. You could try here:,menu,20,36,0,0,0.htm


Thanks to Samphos and Vuth in our office (
we have some names:

1. Chang sdap bot pleng noe neaq - (I) want to listen to pop music
- DJ Lux + Kim Leakena

2. Chakralek DJ - Poke the DJ
- DJ Lux + Kim Leakena

3. Proh anjaret - Boy (of poor character)
- Kim Leakena

4. Chuep neak mien vibak snae - Meet person with love problem
(in context of radio call-in show)
- Kim Leakena

5. (Final Countdown Cover) Unknown
- Pich Sophea

There's more Khmer Hip Hop out there if you care to look!
- Jinja


dude you have to post the cover


the people on that cd cover are mostly artist of "Rasmey Hengmeas" thats is the number one record label in cambodia right now..

preap sovath is the guy with the flute..(a couple other also)
nop bayarith is the guy with his hand extended out
sapoun midada is the with the guitar
pich sophea is the chick next to sapoun midada (right side)
and the rest are minor artist on RHM's label..

if you want more khmer music... go to ..

if you want to hear some really badass old school khmer music with lots of 60's and 70's american rock influence...

SIN SISAMOUTH ..he is the elvis of khmer music..
his music blows all the RHM artist away.. has free downloads of khmer songs..


By far the best Khmer music is the classic music from the 60s and 70s. Check out Sinn Sisamouth, Ros Sereysothea, Pan Ron, Meas Samon - there are so many.


Extreme Khmer Episode 11: Cambodian Microbrew what songs was featured in this episode


nice blog here.


We have a nice section on learning Khmer at Khmercity.


watch khmer hip-hop i get from cambodia here:


and watch one else khmer pop-singer Wong Kabai

i found him here in playlist

Rahmi from Holiday In Angkor Wat

I found their music cute and good. A bit amused in the first place as they seem corny, but it caught on!

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