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June 28, 2006



Hahahaha! I am amused

Kip W

Speaking of Mr. Ed and singing, there's an absolutely excruciating Golden LP called "Straight From The Horse's Mouth" out there. My copy was a gift from a dumpster-diving friend (who later decided to end the friendship after I insisted on playing the album one day). It's by Paul Parnes, who seems to have made a career of writing character-based albums for Golden Records. The kicker is that the voice isn't even Mr. Ed. I don't think it's even a real horse -- it's probably some guy named Mike Henry, who has a deep and insinuating voice that wraps itself peculiarly around some wo-o-o-ords, based (I think) on where they fall in a sentence.

It starts off well enough, with a xylophone-heavy rendition of the show's theme, but after that, it's full of tedious anecdotes, and stuffed with "facts" that are boring, outdated, or just plain wrong. The heart of it is the songs, many of them Gilbert & Sullivan tunes rigged up with new words, presenting a cavalcade of further "facts" like how many kinds of animals there are, or how many styles of hats. It's on my iPod, though I haven't had the urge to listen to it in a while.

It finishes, satisfyingly, with "Ed" being blasted off into outer space, protesting, "But I'm not a monkey! How do I know if somebody up there li-i-i-ikes me?"

Ron D

Crawlout through the fallout baby...

This record has alot of gems on it.

Ken Sims

I'm the 4th I win anything?!


Produced by David Axelrod, too!

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