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June 09, 2006



The sexual harassment video is not all that strange. We were shown a very similar video, though better written and not as short, at my place of work. Virtually everyone thought it was funny which makes me wonder if that's an intentional strategy to reach the audience.
At the end of the video they showed the "money shots" and paused the tape in between to explain why each one was unacceptable. Free sandwiches though, I think soda too.

james t

my father and grandfather were antiquarian booksellers and supplied the NY Public Library in the early 1900's to WWII etc aaanyway... My grandfather aquired a book, many years later my father found a flat (sheep gut) with pink ribbon attached etc. tucked away in the book... the stupid fuck threw it away! He used to tell me how much he regretted it! Ach! I suppose no-one is perfect. The image you uploaded was described by my dad and triggered my pointless posting... for more on my granddad and dad, if you can stifle the yawns, go to

Da Skrivenah

Um, where's the ink to the underpants archive?


I don't exactly think sexual harassment is funny, but the reaction shots during the fat cock dialogue were priceless. Wow, I just used the phrase "fat cock dialogue".


Poop, that harassment video was meant to be funny - found out is was put together by a comedy troupe. I should have guessed by the language, but knowing that somehow makes it not as funny. Here's the real thing, a bit drier, but it does feature "Bob's Kissing Ritual", which is pretty creepy. Courtesy of the US Military:

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