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June 16, 2006



500* people doing the same thing altogether, so Japanese. OK everybody, undress. Ok, now feel tits. Ok, now blow job. OK, now do doggie style, etc.

My question is did they all come together?

*500 prostitutes but only 400 businessmen leaves 100 prostitutes available for non-hetereo sex.


Here's a cool site a friend made with a Chick tract

Holland Oats

Chick: He wrote me a letter once, should I go and get it?

Mickey Mephistopheles

Knock knock... [Fun with previously posted Chick Tract image]Wish we could post images.

Mickey Mephistopheles

For that matter, wish we could post links.


walking by the HoJo's in Asbury the other day I saw a large "reopening soon" sign; not sure what the deal is but maybe there is hope ...

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