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June 30, 2006



there's no way I am clikcing on those links

mrs. klaussen

How the fuck does one acquire a phobia to pickles? Does anyone else think that maybe a pickle is more than a pickle in this girl's case?


I dont know about you, but I have an image of a really creepy old uncle of hers, threatening the poor child with some bad pickle business, maybe going beyond threats. the girl seems to be pathologically terrified. And I dont think she's faking it.
She's got a case of post traumatic pickling syndrome. or something like that.

Valued Customer

The 3D Karma Sutra is amusing, but obviously a computer generated fake:

1. When the arms and legs are in extreme positions, there's an odd folding that occurs where the limbs meet the body. There's all sort of things you can do to fix this, but they didn't even bother.

2. Did you notice the hair looked like cards? You can't carve marble that thin. These "cards" normally are mapped with transparent images of hair, but it would look odd having the "marble" statues with wigs on.

3. Note the size of the doorway relative to the rest of the room, and the (imagemapped) wood floor - especially in the first pose. Either that "sculpture" is 30 feet high, or people have to crawl on their hands and knees to enter the room.

4. The "statues" don't look like marble, do they? There's no marble texture, and no specular highlight. Instead, they look like they're made out of paper with a matte finish. That's because they've only got diffuse shading applied to them - specular highlights are harder for global illumination to render properly without giving weird artifacts.

5. There are no lighting artifacts - no hard shadows, no specular highlights of lights from the ceiling, no shadow of the photographer. It looks like the room's being illuminated by a diffuse light, like on an overcast day. It looks a lot like a typical global illumination scene.

6. The camera makes a perfect orbit about the sculptures: no up or down bumps, just nice and mathematically smooth. Everything's in focus, too.

Gah... I spend too much time working with computers...


Excellent...reminds me of "Third Toga Party from the Sun"


Wow, interesting post. That Maury pickle clip is pretty funny stuff tho! How could you be scared of delicious dill pickles!?!


T rex

Look at my chest!

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