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June 08, 2006


Red Bank Tom

Liz, Tom from here, Congress isn’t the only place where we can fight for Net Neutrality. In New Jersey we have an opportunity to tell Verizon we don’t want their cable TV service if they plan on messing up the internet.

I’m asking Red Bank to push Verizon on the Net Neutrality issue and I’ve written to Governor Corzine as well, you can read my letter over at

If Net Neutrality is important to you then don’t wait for something to happen in Congress, tell you local town council to question Verizon’s plans for the internet when they come a knockin’, selling their new cable TV service.

Tom@RedBankTV dot org

Robert Oschler

Here's an animated parody music video I made on the Net Neutrality topic:

Thanks for helping to get the word out!

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