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June 07, 2006


mark eckenwiler

Here are two more songs: "A l'Est d'Eden" and "Kakomathimeno pedi".

More important by far, however, is the news that Vicky continues to make her music fresh and relevant. A quote, if I may, from the official website:

"Of course we had ideas for changing a lot, new rhythms or, e.g. a rapper in 'Theo, wir fahr'n nach Lodz'...."

mark eckenwiler

P.S. The link above to "Theo" is b0rken. The correct filename extension is "MP3", not "mp3".

Albgardis Ungvarsky

"Prendre un enfant" is sung by Nana Mouskouri, not Vicky Leandros!!!! Both are greak, but that is already all what they have in common. I love the files, though. I love them all!
I am german, lived in Germany until 2004, and I really appreciate these mp3s, they are like a greeting from home. I am 43, hence I grew up with both singers. My veryfirst 7"Single in my life actually was by Vicky, and also my second was by her! Thank you so much!


Thanks for these great songs. Love Vicky!


...will you PLEASE remove "Prendre un enfant" from this list, as this is NOT sung by Vicky Leandros, but by MAMA OBSCURI, also known as NANA MOUSKOURI. Thanks in advance.


I'm from Canada and what is needed are more postings from her 2 early famous English albums, "I Saw The Love In Your Eyes" and "Across The Water" from the early 70's. These were two "introductory" albums for the North American audience. She gave us a taste of musical excellence and left us begging for more, but never to return. It is easy to understand the phenom she is in Europe, but North America needs that "voice of an angel" as well. Please post English songs from these 2 albums. Watching her performances on "YouTube" only intensifies the missing link between the human voice and the human heart(love).

Joe W.

A beautiful woman with a beautiful voice. I first heard her when I was in Morocco in 1972. Would love to hear the Greek & German versions of Apres Toi.

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