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June 08, 2006


goyim in the am

7 deaths worldwide will be reported as "World Cup-related"; the actual number will remain utterly unknowable.

tim turner

genuine UK hooligan here mate. not just football hooligan, us limeys are hooligan about about pretty much anything - ESPECIALLY tea.

my hooligan guess - ZERO. 0. Nil.


let's guess at 66 - it was a good world cup year after all... and i'm all for coincidence related hooligan death stats.

Strangely, no hooligans seemed to be around back then, so it's fair to blame the parents...




i'm guessing 73. woulda guessed higher but so many hooligans are so sweet and tender these days.


14. Obviously.


Hooligan number 9, Hooligan number 9, Hooligan number 9...

Steven Wilson

I'll shoot low and guess 11.


i agree with krebstar that the events will be well controlled by fifa and german authorities. but that ain't where the hooligans bring it. they bring it in the parking lots. they bring it in the beverage dispensing districts. i think the number will be 18. i would go a step further. after all is said and done, I will bet that more morbidity in the form of suicide occurs after teams lose than in of the form of homicide. not that you were asking. I'm just sayin....


I think the FMU internet community is woefully misunderestimating the violent capacity of hooliganism. id wager some 200 hooligan deaths.

Steve PMX

Lucky 13, bitches.

john mark

worldwide hooliganism = 300 deaths even. one stampede and half of you are out of the running...

Eric B.

I agree with Anthony that you hooligans are underestimating the true depth of hooligan rage in this hooligan sport. I predict 254 hooligans dying 254 hooligan deaths by the time the hooliganism ends.

Word to yer hooligan mutha!

J W Buchanan

19 Hooligans free-kick the bucket


176 deaths due to barely-domesticated primate hooliganism.


15 hooligans trampled in the stands

Chris P.

Theres a whole world of hooligans, so the death count will be 119. Not a doubt in my mind.


42 Hooligans dead. The deaths will all be caused by other hooligans. No innocent hooligans will perish, though there will be many injuries. Hooligans will not be stopped by tear gas. Only Chuck Norris will stop the Hooligans.


May this be the anthem of the World Kup Killings (released just in time):


142 hooligans of every nation will kick the proverbial bucket.


I think we plan to see 87 deaths due to the World Cup.

listener erin


Paul T

My Guess for the "WCDW" is there'll be 72 RagaMuffin Related deaths.
Regards pturkk at gmaildotkom


My suspicion is that there will be 16 poor hooligans who kick it. I think we are being insensitive to the poor hooligans.

bugaspard at yahoo dot com

Gere B.

I believe 21 hooligans will enter hooligan heaven, the eternal hooligan hell.


i reckon 99 people are daft enough to die for football

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