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June 08, 2006


Listener Steve

But Ken,
What about World Cup-related births?
I predict 12,357


This is so morbid but i will guess 23 'cos that's me lucky number.


somebody already predicted 23 so i will change mine to 10.

MacDonald Daniel

Let's not forget this tally includes fans (and hooligans?) killed by stray bullets from other celebratiing fans/hooligans firing weapons indiscriminately into the air. And what about the stampedes? The folks falling out of cars while waving disporportionately huge Ecuadorian flags? I predict 514 worldwide, making the beautiful game a sometimes tragic plaything. Read Bill Buford's "Among the Thugs" for the full feel.


I'm going to be conservative and predict only 5 cases of hooligan-poisoning this year.

Has anyone thought about whether the suicides of distraught fans should actually count in the final hooligan deathtoll or not? I would vote no, because although they may be hooligans themselves, I wouldn't consider suicide falling under the auspices of hooligan-related mayhem. Just a thought.


incidentally, my email is patkewley (at) gmail.com


If two hooligans get in a fight while playing urinal soccer and a death results, does that count?


3. Seems optimistic, but there you have it.


I'll go with 22 deaths, related.


Nostradamus has already called this one. It's 8.


6 shall be the number!

Low hooligan quotent this year. The germans are far to busy rooting for their team. None of the germans I know are out rioting! Hell they just stare at me with a funny unknowning face when I ask them if they are rioting.


Hey, hooligans at WFMU! I'd say there are gonne be 9 deaths during the mostly hooligan-free World Cup.


I think a total of 61 yobs and hooligans will have a riot at the Great Soccer Stadium in the Sky, when it's all said and done.


question is: will england play germany?
the uk hooligans have already predicted they'll stay calm 'til then
in that case the number will go up. so put me down for 19


All their shenanigans will leave a whopping 16 buried in the batcave underneath Berlin's Olympic Stadium!

Scott M.

World Cup Fever = 81 dead

TG Gibbon

128. I was going to say 129 but that hooligan "Bart" guessed it first. It is, by the way, the right number; Revelations 1:29 "This many deaths will be attributed to the 2006 FIFA World Cup in China*."

*Nobody's perfect


3.5 World Cup related deaths. Just like last time.


Criswell predicts: 33 people will die.


Sampiyon Trabzonspor


Sampiyon Trabzonspor


i wager 21 sepoy at chapatimystery dot com

Rob Mendick

I say 71.


I was in Amsterdam when Holland beat the USSR in the World Cup final. Two friends and I watched the game in a bar, but we got separated in the ensuing mayhem. We re-united the next day, and we all had painful injuries. There was widespread concern that many people would become ill after having fallen into the polluted canals.

Based on what I saw in 1988, I predict 209 hooligan-related deaths, and 8,327 injuries or illnesses requiring medical treatment for the 2006 World Cup series.

Janey Yonkers

My guess is 161 World-Cup-related deaths, whether hooligans, thugs, ruffians, yobs, innocent bystanders, celebrating drunks, or poor, poor Mr. Gamarra of Paraguay, who scored an own-goal in the game with England and is surely marked for death.
"Among the Thugs" IS a genius book, and has one of the all-time great covers (if that's how you judge your reading material).

And my real e-mail address is jyonkers1@yahoo.com. Thanks.

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