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June 08, 2006



Give me 41 deaths or give me a "Red Barrel" pint crashing into my skull! -Thomas Pain-in-Brain "Curse you Red Barrel"


Sadly, 153


two. unfortunately.


39 deaths, may God have mercy on their souls.


put me down for 74 deaths.


I believe that there will be a grand total of 70 deaths, but only half of them will be hooligan related.


Correction to http://blog.wfmu.org/freeform/2006/06/world_cup_death.html#comment-18512342:

Because I don't follow soccer, or any other game played on a rectangle with opposing goals, I didn't even realize till now that it wasn't the World Cup, but the European Cup that plunged Amsterdam into a riot on June 25, 1988, when Holland beat the USSR by 2 to 0. On June 26th, my Dutch hosts told me that the fury following Holland's 2 to 1 victory over West Germany in the semifinals on June 21st made that on June 25th look tame by comparison, and they attributed the difference to the Dutch harboring much greater antagonism toward Germans than they do toward Russians.

With the World Cup being a bigger deal than the European Cup, and with the final match to be held in the stadium originally built for the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin of all places, there is no hope for humanity if, going into the quarter finals, the matches come down to pairings such as, say, Germany v Poland, Japan v South Korea, France v England, Portugal v Angola, or USA v anybody. I doubt that even Costa Rica v Switzerland in the final would keep the toll under my earlier estimate of 209 hooliganistic deaths. But I won't stoop to changing my guess in a naked power grab for the WFMU Swag Cup. However, I will add a prediction that at least one casualty of hooliganism will be rendered brain-dead, causing fatal clashes between those who support the wishes of the victim's family that the practically deceased be allowed to die with dignity, and those who are willing to kill everyone in defense of the sanctity of life.


52 world cup hooligans will feel the wrath of world cup fury.


44 Copa Mundeaths.

Listener Sharon

90 people including hooligans, hooligan wannabes, friends of hooligans, hooligan haters, hooligan lovers, hooligan watchers, hooligan disdainers and innocent bystanders in the vicinity of hooligans will all be kicked into the next reality.


This from a nation who invades countries for the sake of oil! You lot really have no clue what goes on outside of the American world do you? You lot are even more ignorant than the English for gods sake! Football, yes FOOTBALL, not soccer is the second most popular sport in the world, behind angling (you didnt invent that either) but you lot seem to think that any sport that is not americanised s not worth playing! Your American football game (which incidentally is played with a rugby ball, if any of you are educated enough to know what that actually is) is only popular in America, nowhere else! Soccer (as you call it) is popular the world over and will always be the number one ball sport (that would be a football, round, NOT oval). As for rioting before football matches, I have seen quite a few riots before, during and after involving ice hockey, american football, baseball and even basketball, so lets not get on our high horse about a few fans in Russia in a parking lot now shall we? If you lot really want a tough sport, try playing rugby like the Scots, English, Welsh, Irish, French etc play regularly, you know, the game where we actually play with a RUGBY ball, which is the same shape as an american football, where most of your football players are actually scared to play rugby! The difference being that when our rugby players leave the field, we dont look like giants who take off surplus amounts of padding and protection to look like a 5ft 6 inch wimp! In truth our game of football and rugby makes your american football game look like a game for big girls because we dont need padding and protection, and our sportsmen are actually 6ft 4 without all the padding etc! Now get over yourselves and warm to the fact that football (world style) is far far superior than american football will ever be, and even our less popular game of rugby leaves your american football standing!

Summer Thornton

68, I'll guess

Footie badger

95 deaths, I reckon. And possibly I'm being optimistic - if England (oh miracles unbound) won the cup, I think there'd be more than that in the rioting in Plymouth and Devonport alone.


By the hands of hooligans and other soccer-related scumbags, 35 hooligans and other soccer-related scumbags will find their death in hooliganism-related or soccer-related-scumbaggery-related violence. Poor, dead hooligans and soccer-related scumags.

I'll post my e-mail when my guess is proven correct, and JJMAGC is an initialism of that e-mail address.


32 deaths is my best guess.


32 deaths is my best guess.


32 deaths is my best guess.


53 deaths...0 in the USA

Listener Tim

According to the great Chinese philosopher Hoo Li Gan: "He who hit ball with head, eventuwy dead." So I'll guess 336. Tim (wxy@bechteljacobs.org)

PS - Hooligan is a fine German beer.

PSS - Now back to the other thread to read about what scum we are.


Are the French retreating – again?

Certain French officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, claim French team authorities have requested aid from unknown western nations for their next on-field battle.

It seems French management was disturbed to see French players “gloating over their 2 points” after their second tie match in as many games.

Claude Pinot, general manager of the French squad, is concerned about the mentality of the French players.
Said Pinot, “Some call it the stereotypical French attitude.
I never do. In reality, it’s the typical French attitude.”

“These boys seem to think scoring a draw is forward progress. It’s as if they’re proud of themselves for not just rolling over and playing dead.”


In response to Sharon above:
Get your balls straight, sweetie.

For 30 solid years now, we’ve heard how soccer would soon become huge
in The United States.
We were told Americans would learn to appreciate the subtle intricacies of
what they often call “The Beautiful Game”.
In many schools, baseball budgets were trimmed in order to
make way for soccer.

Now millions of mini vans and soccer moms later, what have we got?

Fewer US born baseball players and a nation, which could care nearly nothing
about soccer and only mildly pays attention to the World Cup.

Where went the WUSA? Mia Hamm and the rest of her world cup team,
with all their hype, could not hoodwink us into buying that garbage can of a
league. Even Oprah knew a loser when she saw one, and refused to invest.

The L.A. Something-or-Others, I think, won the last MLS championship and
no one here took notice. There was no rally parade in LA. Did a tree fall in the
forest with no one around?

Much of the world has bought into basketball, hockey, and baseball. We will
never buy soccer.

This is the land of inches, not centimeters; of quarts, not litres; of dollars, not euros.

This is also the home of FOOTBALL.

It may never be a home for SOCCER.
-proud to be an ugly American



1. a common missconception of Europe is that we all use Euros, whereas euros are used in less than half the member states.

2. 'Soccer' is played in over 45 countries, including the US and almost exclusively called 'football' not 'soccer'. 'Football' as a professional sport is played in only one country not qualifying it as "American Football". Perhaps you're confusing "home" with "only"

3. err... aren't you contradicting yourself? What are these millions of minivans and soccer moms doing if American kids don't play football? Perhaps soccer dads should be paying more attention to what their soccer-mums are doing in their spacious minivans.

4. Modern day Football was invented in England, who also use imperial not decimal measures (They don't use euros either come to think of it.)

But most of what is confusing me is why you think that it should even be called "(American) football":

Ball, yep get that, its definately a ball... of sorts.

whats confusing me is where does the 'foot' come into american football?
The ball can be advanced by carrying the ball, or by throwing or handing it from one teammate to the other. [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_football]

Surely it should be called Fat-gits-in-bodyarmour-carrying-a ball?

BTW: I'm pleased to note that you call it the NFL not 'World' series like the cartographically challenged baseball players... Perhaps they've done well to cut baseball budgets, but instead of investing it in 'soccer' they should invest it in geography)


"Much of the world has bought into basketball, hockey, and baseball."


Hockey (imported):
Grass pitch hockey has been traced back to the Egyptians, modern hockey come from.... The English (again). Ice hockey has been traced back to the Netherlands and Canada.
[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hockey] infact, in the various versions of hockey listed here, NONE of them are attributed to the US.

Baseball (imported):
"The modern game was developed in the United States from early bat-and-ball games played in Britain" (again!) [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baseball], I think they're refering to "Rounders", something like softball.

Basketball (invented by an immigrant):
"Dr. James Naismith, a Canadian-born physician" invented basketball.

still, you can be proud that you're ugly.


I'm wondering if there's any statistic in the number of World Cup/hooligan related injuries sine 1998. Can anyone provide a number or point me in the right direction? Thanks.


What is this???/ you sad twats guessing how many people will die.. Fucking grow up... Your worse then the hooligans them selfs... SCUM...

What made Football??? HOOLIGANS FACT
Football started with hooligans and will end with Stuck up cunts like your selfs, Football is for working class people fuck off you Stuck up twats.


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