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June 16, 2006



I love the subliminal message on the picture of the player. Had to open a cool beer instantly.


besides that hooliganism is beeing treated like a desease today, and hooligans are better takin' care of then alcoholics (e.g. germany has one officer working things out with up to five hooligans before during and after the game); the question comes to mind, if - as in the nazi-scene - these groups aren't infiltrated with personal to spark these brawls??

if i'm still up for a guess:
62 is the count.

but thanx to all others for the infos

Arthur Doctolero

I never knew the fact that there IS a gay icon for all soccer fans. Go USA! Go Engalnd! Go Brazil! Philippines.....? I wish we have an entry!


This is the most fantastic contest I've ever heard of. I had no idea there were so many World Cup Deaths. I'm guessing that there will be lots of South and Central American deaths soon, since Costa Rica is going home, and even more later, if Argentina or Ecuador are elmiinated. And by deaths, I mean players being killed for poor performances. Oh, and guess which Italian player is going to get murdered soon?


oh I forgot to give an answer. I'll put the number at 43.



Peter Hopper

Appalling site.

You wonder why people dislike you as a country.

Perhaps we should have an Iraq serviceman deathwatch. Half points for maimings. Perhaps we can look into servicemen killing women and children to satiate their bloodlust. What was the final toll in Oklahoma, or the Twin Towers?

Not very nice is it. Have some humanity and stop this drivel. You should sack the human garbage that thinks this is a good idea.


The incidents at Hillsborough etc were due to Police fencing fans into an overcrowded area and then watching them be crushed.

So you think laughing at innocent fans dieing when watching their sport is funny do you? About as funny as watching planes crash into the twin towers I'd say. Hilarious. I sincerely hope your family suffers the same soon - maybe at the 'World'* Baseball Series.

* World as in one half of a continent. LOL.


Disgusting site. Its no suprise that everyone hates America. You are scum!

I think I may start a website laughing at the number of dead yanks in incidents such as Pearl Harbour or from the twin towers. Or better still, have a live tally of the number of your 'army' that have popped it in Iraq. Hilarious isn't it.

You are sorry excuses for human beings. Get this filth off the web.


Agree with the two above posters.


Be embarrased with yourself.


man, hooligan scum are an infestation in my neighborhood. i can't leave my flat when england plays or some drunk prick is screamin chants in my face and trying to start some shit. plus, since america isn't actually doing too bad so fa,r the rise of anti-americanism is yet again on the rise. it aint safe for an expat. fucking pricks. i'm guessing an optimistic 75.


Ok ok, I got one. How many dead at the next Amercian School Shooting. I reckon 12 + a few teachers and the school cat!!

You people and that excuse for a country are sick.

Listener Dave

Uh, guys, Ken's not making fun of people because they're dying. He's making fun of the REASON that they're dying (i.e. a dopey sporting event). If it makes you feel better, most Americans also make fun of the people who riot in cities when a local pro sports team wins a championship.


Both the Bradford and Hillsborough football disasters were nothing to do with football violence. Obviously very well researched by yourselves, kindly remove this as it is incredibly insensitive and inaccurate.


I,d like to kill the sick fucker who runs this website.You fucking weird cunt,email me and lets get it on.

richard bevan

you sick bunch of brainless fuckwits ! at least get your facts right before you start posting this shit.

Harry Worth

Dennis Pennis/Paul Kaye an English football hooligan, well I never!


Get your facts right you stupid twats - Hillsborough and Bradford have nothing to do with football violence - yet again you yanks use these events for entertainment (like you did in Gladiator and Bowling for Columbine).

Well done, you've outdone yourself and shown why there is such a dislike to the USA.


Yes, there is no truth to the rumors that football fans are prone to violence "Id like to kill the sick fucker who runs this website" no truth "I sincerely hope your family suffers the same soon" whatsoever!

Commie Bobbie

Go back into your shells, you twats, Hillsborough was a tragedy, bought on by clueless policing.

Get your facts right, twat.

JFT 96


how very sad to find amusement out of the suffering and death of others. Would you laugh at the family of dead servicemen when they take possesion of the coffin as it is wheeled out of the back of a C5 Galaxy?

Diginity and respect are clearly concepts beyond your limited grasp whereas you clearly majored in stupidity and juvenile insensitivity


Every time i keep thinking that Americans might not be that bad I see something like this which reminds me that you are all twats.

you don't see people around the world running 'Iraq watch' counting the number of dead american servicemen do you? sums up why so many people hate you really.


The tally for dead yanks in Iraq is too high for them. They can't count beyond their fingers and toes. They woudn't understand the number. American's are horrible human beings and are all contributing to why this planet is such a shit hole!

I want to see this 'site' off the net!!! I would like to see the owner/designer shot. Scumbag.

Lee Greenwood

Actually, this station did the "Iraq watch" thing too:

Nice research yourselves, Euro-fuckheads. Shoulda never bailed your asses out of the fire last century! USA! USA!Soccer sucks! Soccer sucks!


Typical yank retard. Bet your an overweight faggot too aren't ya. No intelligence, no sense and quite content that your country is fucking the world over at every opportunity. Tosser of a leader, joke of a government and shit heap of a country. Someone needs to stamp on the insect that is America, burn it all!

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