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June 16, 2006


Terry Dobbins

But Don Logan this whole thread is sick!! lets guess how many people will die at the world cup! what kind of sick perverted people are they?


don't get me wrong, this thread is basically showing how sick peoople are. sorry if im generalizing a lot, but this is the mindset that a lot of americans have, thinking its ok when shit happens to other people except when they're american. this isn't an excuse for justifying people going blowing up others. death isn't the answer - fact. everyone upset with the way they're treating the hillsborough tragedy has a right to be upset, don't lower yourselves to trying to treat the twin towers attack as evening the score - thats the level the radio station bosses think at.


talk about losing the plot.

is it that this thread is sick or is it sick that a human being is capable of killing another human being based on the results of a game. it’s just a game, people. that’s all it is. a game. the world’s most watched/followed/beautiful game but a game nonetheless.

the fact that fans around the world DO choose to take it out into the streets is quite contrary to the spirit of the WORLD Cup (originally spun off from and just prior to the 1932 summer olympics partly due to america’s lack of interest in the game) and no different than say, somebody wanting to kick somebody else’s ass because they were beaten at hide and go seek. and if you look at it that way it kinda puts things into perspective.

but more to the point, the original intent of the world cup deathwatch was simply to keep track of the number of pointless deaths that DO occur globally as a result of overzealous fans because nobody else was keeping track and sprang forth from conversations regarding the number of deaths that DO occur. nobody at the station is condoning the violence, just keeping track of it. so no more killing the proverbial messenger for telling you that which you already know - people are killing people.

as far as the hillsborough and bradford tragedies go, no person at the station was treating them in any specific way. the incidents were mentioned ONLY ONCE prior to this thread by someone not connected with the station commenting on another thread in a rather sarcastic tone:

“For more dead football fan hilarity, why not check out the 1989 Hillsborough disaster (96 - count 'em, *96* fatalities!!!) and the 1985 Bradford fire (56 deaths).
and when informed that it may be interpreted as disrespectful, the link was quickly and willingly removed. also, and most importantly, if anybody had bothered to do even the minutest amount of “research” before jumping on the blame game bandwagon, they would have found that the person that posted the (one and only) comment/reference that gave rise to this whole debacle is not an american but an englishman from liverpool and again is not anybody connected with the station.

so lets keep the twats, cunts, death threats, general ignorance and nationalistic stereotypes (both sides) to a minimum and get back to the love of the game and the music.


Danny Walsh

Please get your fact straight, neither The Bradford Fire or the 96 deaths caused at Hillsborough were football related. Americans wonder why they are hated across the world, it's this sort of misinformation that helps.
Let's keep the stereotypes for those that cannot understand anything else. Or shall the rest of the world view your troops a all the same as those serving in Haditha. All this from a country who needs the National Guard to patrol one of it's major cities - New Orleans. What would you say if you saw a death watch calculating up murders in New Orleans??

Tom Murphy

I posted the original sarcastic comment - and I'm actually an Irishman living in London. I'm not even a Liverpool fan.

My point was that celebrating the death of football fans is vile, because hundreds of football fans around the world have died unnecessarily in ways that weren't related to hooliganism, due to official negligence and malpractice. On top of that, the attitude remains among media and government that they somehow deserved it, due to the fact that they were football fans. Earlier this year, an interviewer from BBC Five Live even had the gall to suggest to a father that the stabbing of his teenage son by a gang of Italian neo-fascists, during an unprovoked and carefully organised attack, was somehow understandable, due to the misdeeds of England fans 20-30 years ago.

I posted the links to the Hillsborough Justice Campaign and the BBC coverage of the Bradford anniversary in the hope that the gleeful Death Watchers would take a look and realise why a lot of people would find what they're doing offensive. However, Ken chose to misinterpret that; I should obviously rein in my faith in human nature.

The nasty anti-American stuff that has subsequently appeared has unfortunately detracted from the original point, and the whole thing just goes to show that some non-football fans are as spectacularly unpleasant as some football fans.

I regret the pandora's box of bile that's been opened up, but I stand by my original point - celebrating someone's death because they enjoy a sport you don't really understand is distasteful, inhuman and provocative. WFMU does a lot of things really well, but this still leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

Kip W

Getting back to the music, I heard a couple of years back that Italian fans would sing "Va, Pensiero" from Verdi's "Nabucco" at football matches. Is that true? Do they still do it? Is there a recording of this taking place?

I was personally delighted to hear about this. If more sporting crowds were prone to breaking out in opera choruses, sports would be more interesting. Wagner's "Spinning Chorus" at bike races! Puccini's "Humming Chorus" at sumo wrestling! Verdi's "Anvil Chorus" at volleyball games!


GHANA!!!! HAHAHAHahahahahahaa You thick as pig shit cunts. Enjoy the flight home you usless inbred tosser!!!

Sensei Rebel

Most of you who are complaining about this are likely the types who would cause a brawl at a pointless sports event. WFMU's site has no sick content, and Soccer Death Watch is nothing like 9/11 or Katrina. Soccer Death Watch is related to A DUMB FUCKING SPORT which idiotic sports fanatics watch because it's all they have in their sad lives, and this pointless sport is causing pointless deaths. If you want sick content, just look anywhere else on the Web.

Elliot Harmon

Did anyone ever figure out what euro-idiot blog caused the torrent by linking to this post?

There are plenty of reasons why our country is dumb; FMU isn't one of them. After the world cup is over, I'm going to make a donation to FMU in honor of all of the victims.




So Bradford and Sheffield were because of idiot fans were they?! Hell, can you even point to the UK on a map? Or even your own hole of a country? I thought not. I'd much rather watch a Hurricane Death Watch, or idiot amercian troop Death Watch (or for a twist, friendly fire Death Watch). All of these are equally as amusing as this. Terrible idea from a station that I thought had some good in it. Clearly I was wrong. Thank the poster who gave this link to the mighty... site that it came from!!


Where did all these gloomy Gusses come from? There's a huge difference between keeping track of people dying because of a soccer match and thousands dying in a national tragedy like the Twin Towers.


Here is a World Cup suicide... Korean man set himself on fire.

Janey Yonkers

Hard to believe all those dimwitted death threats were made by different people. They all sound exactly the same.
I'm a football fan myself, but I can well understand why most Americans aren't. Most Americans will never be interested in a sport where grown men fling themselves to the ground and cry like little girls to gain a competitive advantage. Most Americans have trouble getting behind a sport where the top players of an entire country conspire to fix league results. And you red-faced ranting Brits are lucky most Americans don't give a toss about football, because if they did they'd be good at it and they'd KICK YOUR FUCKING ASSES. Just like they did in 1950.
USA! USA! indeed.




Hey leave Aston Villa out of this! That's not a violent chant, it's a hearty welcome.

Red Chris

So is this what America gets off to? A cold bud and some dead 'soccer' fans? My hopes that its not the case are fading fast. please tell me its just this handfull of sick individuals. I dont care if its 'just facts', it takes someone with something wrong upstairs to find pleasure from it.
As far as an American's under-educated viewpoint of football is concerned, why would I listen to someone whose idea of sport is playing a so called 'world' game- baseball, against other rednecks. There are only really two other countries that play the game- japan and cuba (who by the way America won't play- something to do with an embarrassing defeat? Should i just leave it there?) Am i bothered about these bunch of pricks opinion of europe? No. Let them eat up their FOX news coverage of 'soccer riots' like they gobble up crispy kream donuts.

Football hooliganism. As you yanks might put it: "So 1995". Apart from small (we're talking a few hundred people tops) organised groups present on an international scale, English football has returned to the beautiful game off the pitch. The idea we Brits are up for a riot at the sight of a football is absurd- i don't know what kind of eurpoean news coverage you get over in the USA, but Britain's football league as a whole is the best. If you want to slag off football in an area with a bit of substance then turn to Italy, but don't typically judge the rest of the game worldwide by them.

How can Americans understand our passion for this "DUMB FUCKING SPORT" when they come from a country where you cannot voice an opinion against your government without being lampooned and branded anti-patriotic? Some freedom of speech that is. you need to mount another invasion... on Your country. the bits around the edges are fine, but there's little hope for Jesus Land AKA the middle of America/ the Bible belt.... fanaticism at its peak if you ask me.

Of course, as I have a Socialist political viewpoint, you would never be prepared to listen to my views on morality, just mock them instead. (insert american reply with an anti socialist comment here. At least one with some understanding of politics PLEASE!!)

You talk about these 'soccer riots' and yob culture after every football game, but you dont have a clue. It doesnt exist. We LOVE football, we dont want to destroy it.
(has America forgotten about the weeks of rioting, looting, rape and criminal gangs running wild in New Orleans, or were they just keeping that one quiet whilst they picked on europe's far smaller troubles?) it comes down to one thing again- we aren't obsessed with killing others (hence this web page). If we were we would be allowed to keep guns.....

So stop making British FOOTBALL fans out to be Americans.

Chris, 16, LFC YNWA

Red Chris

USA! USA! USA! Do you ever think they will lose this uncompromising self belief in themselves and their opinions? Not with a Redneckpublican in the big chair with the buttons. Christ I hope Al Gore runs again, for everyones sake.


you bastards should get a life
justice for the 96!


Yanks love to go on about hooligansim like they know about it (by the way green street was a load of bollocks) Id love for some cocky yank to come to England and see what its really like. They would be torn to bastard peices


Your website is an insult. you disgust me


Love this blog!!

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