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June 16, 2006


JFT 96

ABailed us out?? are you having a laugh ya fuckin Nob! American gobshite's talking about something they dont understand. Hillsborough & Bradford tragedies had nothing to do with violence!

But eh we best not speak out to much against the yank cunts we'll have George W bombing us for not agreeing with their sick minds!

Get a life Fuckwits!


Am I the only person who recollects the riots that resulted in deaths at the superbowl last year or maybe two years ago. I would be surprised if you knew that yourself though. I am sure your news networks were more interested in Janet Jackson. Why am I not surprised. You have no idea. Stick to writing about things you know about.

Oh and by the way is this site supposed to be amusing? You ignorant scum!


Its ok JFT. We don't have oil. They won't come and bomb us. Oh shit, we have got Rooney, he's a weapon of mass destruction. Think we can expect those bombs and troops marching to the UK very soon.


Come check out my website dedicated to counting deaths of Amercians too stupid to remember to chew their food, including pretzels. You give americans a bad name.

USA = Fat Sweaty fucking twat!

You fuckin cretins you don't have a clue what you are talkin about your talking out your fuckin asses. Typical Billy bull shitter Americans who think you know everything but you know fuck. Lets go round and kill your family and we'll see how funny death is then. And what the fuck is with soccer it's FOOTBALL which is not the game you cunts play with your steroid pumped athletes and latex shorts how fucking gay is that. You are not welcome in Liverpool.

JFT 96

And they wonder why "such bad things happen to them" we'll start a hurricane death watch for the upcoming hurricane season eh!!!


Hurricane Death watch. Awesome. Then we can make stupid jokes about how funny it is and why death is such a hilarious topic. Man, I forgot how much I hate yanks. Its worrying though. Most powerful nation in the world and not a brain cell between them. How did it ever come to this?!


the americans have no idea


What did you think....'USA,USA....' Complete arse holes.

Middle america is complete shit hole full of scum who have never ventured out of their little towns. Red necks!!!!!!!!! Have no idea where europe is never mind whats happened in it.

Lets have a death count on katrina eh. All the woman raped during that time, all the kids who died because of disease.

Nah thought not..hit a raw nerve cock heads.

Yeh we have something called respect over here.......


This all seems a bit over the top for me....both sides


What are you talking about, this is awesome! A virtual soccer brawl! Let 'em have it brits! Defend your turf yanks!


I always expect such a disgusting site from a country who kept invading others, killing millions of innocent people and being brainwashed by a mindless dictator. I don't think you'd enjoy it if I went about the death-count of the 9/11 disaster or Oklahoma. No wonder the whole world hates your filthy country full of stupid imbeciles and patriotic scum like you. Or are you too stupid to realise how ignorant you all are?

Just go to hell and leave us alone you mindless scum, though there's no need for me to tell you that cause that's where you're heading. Fool.


I don't understand why you people get a kick out of being complete tossers and making such a disrespectful and disgusting site full of sick contents! You wouldn't find death funny if it happened to somebody close to you! You need to get your facts right before setting up websites full of utter bullshit! You people is whats wrong with your country, have a fucking word with yourselves, you sad wankers!


As an Englishman I think both sides need to grow up. Never read so many small time childish comments in one place in all of my life.


fuk off you yanks all youse hu dont no hillsborough should shut de fuk up!!! lets hope iran get a move on!!!!!

Gabraham Rincon

Soccer sucks??
Its football, the game that the whole world loves except your inbred country. Your country can't play it well, because we only have one break in play, and you tubby bastards cant last for more than 5 mins without having a timeout. So you create a.... World Series, for a sport that only your country is interested in, sounds a really really global competion..
Your country is a bunch of pussies, you didnt drag us out the fire in the war you twat, we had to drag you queers into the fight. Cos you were quite happy to sit by and let genocide happen as long as it didnt affect your country you spineless fucks. Anyway your lot are useless at war, always picking on countrys with no armies, ie Iraq, Afganstan, etc, and even then you get beat by the vietnemse militia... oh dear


Woah, woah, woah. Come on, let's all calm down a bit here. I'm a scouser, born and bred, and I wholeheartedly agree that the vermin who runs this site is a complete and utter cunt. But his narrow-mindedness has nothing to do with the fact he is American. All of you idiots who are saying things like "let's hope Iran gets a move on," are using Hillsborough to vent pathetic anti-Americanisms. I bet half of you still buy the S*n don't you? I lived in America for two years, and while it's true that a vast majority of the population unfortunately don't have a lot of perspective on European affairs, let alone our "beautiful game", it's well out of order, WELL OUT OF ORDER, to suggest they are all brazenly malicious. I mean come on, are we really suggesting that as a race we English are beyond all that? Think back to the F.A. Cup semi-final in April; The Mancs with their "Hillsborough HA HA HA" flags, and some of our "fans" (although I certainly wouldn't call them that) retaliations with the Munich and Shipman graffiti. Just because one, or in this case, a handful of cunts are American, doesn't mean the population are all cunts. Some of the comments made by so called Liverpool fans on here are a disgace to our club, our city, and the scouse name. We're supposed to be the friendliest people in the land...well, you'd fool me. Americans ARE NOT all "stupid imbeciles," and the country is certainly not a "shit heap." It has its faults, many of them, but so does England. So jump of the moral high horse, and try growing up a little bit hey.


Is that you Don Logan? Is this me?

George C Patton

Iraq is just the start. Europe is next. Britain goes first since they're a bunch of barely educated alcoholics with poor dental hygiene. Then we move to France who are noting but a bunch of cheese-eating socialist surrender monkeys. Leave Spain alone because we need someplace for the hard-working troops to vacation and just plow east through all of the chickenshit balllickers of Old Europe and hook up with our good friends the Russians to divide it up. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!


You sad, pathetic yanks. Laughing at the deaths of innocents. No wonder your shithole of a country keeps getting attacked. Hopefully next time some of the wankers who've posted on this thread will be buried alive when the next plane goes into a building over there.

And you wonder why the rest of the world thinks you're all scum???

Goyim in the AM

Which British football blog did y'all come creeping in on anyway?

(Also Roooooooooooney ain't shown anybody much in the World Cup so far, so don't hoot about

Curious George

No wonder we keep getting attacked? If I recall, we're 1 for 1 on the terrorist attack scorecard since 2001?


You'll be attacked again. And you won't learn from it. You'll just keep voting for inbred, cocaine addled rednecks to run your armpit of a nation.

One day you might travel abroad and realise that there's a world beyond the USA. And that you only partake in minority sports such as gridiron because you simply do not have the skill or talent to be successful in sports that the rest of the world enjoy.

They sell Stars and Stripes toilet tissue in London. Kinda says it all about what the world feels about you lot.

Don Logan

This comment thread makes me understand why we arrested 3500 of our own lot. Say what you want about American foreign policy, Blair has been right there all along and the vile things my countrymen have said here speaks for itself. Here is the source of all this shit.


listen this is all getting a bit silly, all ill say is that if the people who run this web site knew what happend at hillsborough and bradford they would never have posted it under the same category as "death watch". Its extremely insensitive and im pleased to see its been removed. I think we have both experienced tragedies in our nations histories, whether it be terrorism or not. No-one can honestly say they want to see either nation be attacked or further destruction taking place. Yes the americans have their down falls but so do we! Lets use this opurtunity to edjucate the americans about what happend at hillsborough that led to the loss of 96 fellow kopites rather than attack. and Lets not forgot alot on british people lost their lives in 9/11, not to mention the thousands of public service men & women.



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