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June 30, 2006



I haven't been this excited about a single radio programme since the Cake shows on Intelligent Design. TOR FUR DEUTSCHLAND!

awesome flower

don't forget the little death of the goal itself.


Here's some verification of the South Korean man committing suicide. But it's related to the 2002 World Cup.


Expext to have quite a lot of deaths during last nite's italian celebrations for the victory against germany.
People really went mad, driving like crazies, completely drunk.

Many people got damages on their car beacuse they were not celebrating enough.
Policemen and Fire squads where attacked in naples because they where trying to calm down the whirl of cars in citycenter


2 people shot dead in Somalia during the protests against the suspension of a public broadcasting of the match Italy-Germany


Here's an article about World Cup injuries that were narrowly averted - police in Berlin arrested 2 guys who were placing cement-filled soccer balls around the city with signs inviting people to kick them. Very diabolical....

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