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July 25, 2006


mikronos salmonides

It's a relief to read about the shortwave listening habits of someone who isn't a right wing religious nut themselves. Judging from the random outbursts of lefty-bashing that I have to endure on the usual shortwave nets, I was pretty sure I was the only one until now. You're right, the big christian broadcasters are mostly annoying, sometimes sickeningly hateful or willfully ignorant, but sometimes interesting- the survivalist conspiracist programs offer up odd things for sale like solar water collectors that you'd never see at WalMart- despite this, still annoying. Have you discovered WBCQ on 7415 yet? They regularly feature the Hour of Slack- produced by the Church of the Subgenius. Now that's a religion I can understand!!

Kim Scarborough

"[D]espite the fact that Bush seems as close to Peter’s beliefs as any US President in our lifetime."

Oh please. Just because you don't like Bush and you don't like the racist fringe doesn't mean they agree. The Klan/Bircher crowd is generally against the administration's Middle East policy (including the Iraq war), viewing it as controlled by Israel (also c.f. Buchanan & David Duke, both strongly anti-Israel and antiIraq War). Bush has never been strongly anti-immigrationeven in Pete Wilson's time, when Bush was Texas governor, he was something of a maverick in the Republican party due to his immigration sympathies. Obviously this doesn't sit well with the racist fringe, who constantly talk of the invasion of brown people who want to take our jobs, rape our wives, whatever. And as you said, the natural suspicion they have of the federal governmentall that black helicopter stuffmakes them be very much in opposition to Bush's civil liberties encroachments.

Dale Hazelton

Check out BCQs 7415 tranmitter M-TH at 8:00 Eastern for Rabbi Yakov Spivaks "Voice of Torah" call-in radio program. While I'm not Jewish, Spivak is one of the few people on radio --religious or not -- who make any sense. He does get the occasional Nazi skinhead calling in to hurrah the extermination of all Jews. But the program is usually less caustic, but always topical and informative if you have any interest in the Middle East situation.

Steve Harris

"Although there have been rare instances where I’ve heard something actually inspirational or original from a Christian shortwave broadcast..."

Well, why not let us know which Christian broadcasts you found to be inspirational or original?

Oh, but wait, by doing that you would open yourself up to ridicule and sarcastic remarks from WFMU Beware of the Blog readers. I guess it's safer to write about kooks instead of sharing what you found to be inspirational. It could indicate that you actually believe in something, God forbid.


Professor, may I use this forum to thank you for continuing to share Bob Lassiter recordings on Aircheck? Thanks to you, I've become a Bobhead - downloading all the airchecks I can find and obsessively following Bob's blog, as his health sadly declines.


The message -as always- is in your dedication and passion for radio, Professor. Not a trace of static there!

Dean W. Armstrong

I use the American religious broadcasters basically as frequency markers, as I listen on an analog tube radio. That said, on a Saturday night/Sunday morning (5-7 UT) a few weeks ago I caught WBCQ on 7415 playing great rock-n-roll and a DJ decrying the state of American shortwave. He even had a great parody of Gene Scott going.

On the 49 meter band, I usually get a strong relay from Sackville, Canada of Radio Japan and Voice of Vietnam, and Radio Habana Cuba always comes in (I believe it is directed towards Chicago). BBC used to be strong, but I haven't heard it in a while on this band.


I love this thread and appreciate the Professor greatly. I took the latest mp3 and cut it up a bit.



Oops, my link got lost somehow.


There we go.


Hi! I am a Christian who stumbled upon this site looking for something else. I actually share your loathing for most of the broadcasting done in the name of the Lord. But could you at least give credit when it is due? Otherwise you risk throwing out the baby with the bathwater or however that goes. What I speak of is your apparent lumping of Family Radio's broadcasts in with all the rest. No matter how you feel about the Bible and the things it may or may not teach, if you are really going to try to be honest about everything, then if you give this radio network your honest appraisal you will simply have to admit early on that they sit in stark contrast to all the rest of what you would so readily lump them into. For one thing the entire organization is ENTIRELY listener supported! ZERO commercials, nada zip. And entirely NON denominational, NON profit and those things make it an amazing breath of fresh air in my book. In fact you may appreciate the fact that they are HATED by EVERY church and every denomination bar none BECAUSE as of a few years ago or so they are flatly saying that ALL the churches are under Satan's rule and that ANYONE that has any desire to do what is right WILL LEAVE their church forever. How can you not appreciate that if you hate the churches so much? Not only that, I think you stated something to the effect that one of their broadcasts was "just more of the Jesus for all stuff" or something to that effect But that simply is not true. Family Radio teaches that Jesus did NOT come for "all" but rather only a remnant equal to only about 3% of the world's population and that in fact Christ has particular contempt for those in the CHURCHES! In fact this contempt seems far above and beyond that of for the pagans, homosexuals, and atheists. In addition Family Radio is totally non political and so you don't hear the often obnoxious political messages of these other so called "Christian" stations out of the US. Basically they will say let Caesar rule the world however he and his senators want to and let us true believers alone to worship as we see fit. We will be endeavor to be good citizens of every country, good workers and respectful to all but our individual focus is on things above. I just think that you give them a bum rap on nearly every point you made. Perhaps you can't appreciate some of the music and so on but they are not the things you accused the average "Christian" broadcaster of and if you want the maximum bashing insult to all those that irk you then you really ought to consider highlighting and defending them even if with tongue in cheek. You know what else? I bet Harold Camping's Family Radio is one of the only Christian broadcasters that is not condemning the unsaved sinners to the conventional eternal torment hell traditionally taught. Harold now teaches that God is much to merciful for any of that nonsense. In fact the very worst of the worst like Charles Manson, Hitler or TV Evangelists will all receive exactly the same punishment in death ... NOTHING. That's right nothing, dead, the end never another conscience moment ....annihilation PERIOD. Not only that but many unbelievers even can find programs of interest on Family Radio. There is one feature that typically highlights some amazing plant or animal even if is used to suggest that it is so amazing it HAD to be created rather than have evolved. There is another feature on health topics totally void of any "faith healing" aspects etc. There is a program aired several times a day that is simply the Bible read out loud by a pleasant to hear deep voice for a half hour at a time WITHOUT comment. Also these portions of Scripture are simply sequentially read, no one is picking and choosing in order to highlight pet view points or or whatever .. just the entire Bible read 1/2 hour at a time day after day. But my favorite programs are the two that Harold does personally "the open forum" and the "Family Bible study" Open forum is a live listener call in program where every question and comment is responded to with Harold using the Bible alone as his ultimate authority. People ask some real doozies! It can be pretty interesting and entertaining at times. Also the Bible Studies are super interesting to me because of Harold’s "Get out of the church" doctrines and his absolute 100% conviction that RIGHT now is going on a massive worldwide awakening of that 3% of the worlds population to salvation some from every nation, kindred and language, skin color, culture etc from all around the world. He teaches that this happens quietly personally without anyone's overall notice but God but that by May 21, 2011 Every last one of them will be called into the fold and then Christ will return to pick up ALL of these elect and at the same time will resurrect the bodies of all the believer who have died so far, resurrected to some kind of brand new eternal super glorious body which every true believer must get changed into to live and reign with Christ forever more. And what does he teach will happen to the BILLIONS left behind? He unfortunately teaches that for 5 months it is going to be super terrible here on earth beginning May 21,2011 with a huge supernatural earthquake felt simultaneously by everyone on earth of a magnitude and nature hereto for unseen as yet! And get this! Every single corpse in every grave (save his elect of course) the graves, tombs, morgue drawers etc will be opened and all those BILLIONS of corpses in various states of decay from daisy fresh to stinking worm riddled rancid to dry bare bones to dust only will be thrown out into public view (not to mention public smell!) for the purpose of displaying the utter shame in dying in rebellion to God. Harold tries to have the listener imagine the disease unleashed by the airing of these billions of corpses combined with the total inability of the population to clean it up to any significant degree because of massive damage done to whole world's infrastructure including transportation, communications, health care ...everything which will have been so severely damaged by this huge initial earthquake the likes of which the world had never before seen. earthquake. Whether you believe it or not you have to admit that it is at least as terrifying as any apocalyptic type horror movie to date! My imagination reels trying to picture the world existing in such a state struggling to overcome such an insult ... and imagining the particularly enraged 1/3 of the world's population that statistically views themselves as some sort of Christian that generally is pretty sure he or she was "in the fold of God" ... If that happens won't they all be just OUTRAGED at God for leaving them behind? Particularly if they saw some loathsome type individuals being raptured into their eternal glory! Maybe a bigoted bunch of southern Bible bangers watch as some black ghetto types or known homosexuals are raptured .... people who never stepped foot in a church and from all appearance sake lived their life in rebellion to


wow why do you hate the relgious programs soo much?
pastor peters is alright. I may disagree with the anglo-israli truth but
he does expose lots of stuff


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