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July 30, 2006



Thank you Lukas!! Great collection of always-hard-to-finds! There is a great 12" bootleg of Borsig Hiroshima by the way...

big kitty

hey there, I am in Berlin for a couple of days and wondering if you can recommend some record shops or venues.

Cant figure out the question mark on this computer.

thanks, big kitty

neil kelly

keep your eyes open and your ears on.

Major Matt Mason Presents: Alternate Huggabroomstik

is coming soon, from Olive Juice Music

previous albums by HUGGABROOMSTIK:

Ultimate Huggabroomstik
Sloppy Kisses and Serious Guitars
Enter The Broomstik
Hugga Broomstik (self-titled)

are all available NOW at:

neil kelly


My band (huggabroomstik) played SO36, earlier this year, and it's a real punk-rockin' venue. if synthpop was invented there, then it would probably be a lot cooler.

PS Sara, from SO36, if you are reading this, i just wanted you to know that we are always thinking of you and your mohawk. Kreutzburg "36" ist soooooooooooooooo geil!


thanks a lot... really enjoying listening to this set.

Matt in Oz

I have been looking for that Borsig song Hiroshima for probably 18 years! There is a very short clip of it in the Einstuerzende Neubauten video 1/2 Mensch, and ever since I heard that I have wanted to hear the rest of the song. I've looked in second hand music stores and all over the net, on and off, probably every couple of years. So thank you VERY much! Very much appreciated :-)

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