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July 19, 2006



I search for "fuck sex" to get here. Originally I was trying to find information on abstinence, but I found that this blog is way better than abstinence.


And i still don't know what a sex party IS. Always end up here!


The reason I read this post was not because of the fascinating title. It was in fact the naked woman picture and the words "Sex Party".

bill cole

There's a problem with your stats.

Safari only runs on Mac OS X so if it's 12% on its own, then the Safari/Mac OSX combo MUST be 12%...

(hey, if you dn't want comments on trivia, don't post it.... )


well if you need material for that party , just scream a bodypart, size and bloodtype, but let me know the date., i like to party.
a nude David Hasselhoff as an intro to get the juices flowing would be great.

special tommy

if i was scouting porno movie locations this place would be on top of the list


Hey now, the Internet Explorer 7 betas aren't half bad, they definitely hold their own against Firefox on a lot of fronts (namely, equally effective tabbing and less RAM usage). I do still miss some of the nicer extensions of Firefox - weather reports and download progress within the status bar, and ability to add everything from IMDB to language translation to the search bar. Ah well...

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