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July 10, 2006



One of the best bits on Jimmy Kimmel's show is "Unnecessary Censorship" where he "helps" the FCC by purposely bleeping and blurring innocuous TV footage, to hilarious effect. There's a bunch of them on youtube.


Now it will obviously become a challenge to time your curses as to spell out naughty words in bleeping Morse-code... Freedom of bleeps!

Joe the Lion

I've always thought the ultimate challenge in radio editing would be to sanitize the song "GDMFSOB" by Bad Posture. It's on the Not So Quiet on the Western Front compilation.

John C.

Can anyone provide a title, link or source for the original un-edited version of the Diamond Dave rant? Or just email the entire thing to me here at work (bleep em). I HAVE to have that.


And then there are all the times the 7 words you can't say on the radio have aired on FMU (and other radio stations). For at least one, see my "How to be an FMU DJ" sound file on my Yahoo briefcase here: in the FMU files folder.

The above was Irwin, in the 80s, going through how to do radio FMU-style with a new DJ (I forget his name, Neil somebody?, but it rang bells when we discussed it awhile back). A kid calls in and asks to hear the Dead Kennedy's song mentioned in the article above. One of many times this kind of thing has happened on FMU. I have more over the years. (Maybe I should make a compilation?)

I'm not saying it's good or bad. I'm all for freedom of speech. This was pretty funny.



Steve PMX

too bad you can still tell he's saying "fuck" by the way his forehead wrinkles.

And I've become offended by how far the FCC and its associated ass kissers have gone to avoid transmission of a handful of words.... seriously, nothing offends me more than hearing about how easily people are offended. And forget about being offended by a WAR with DEATH and MURDER on the news 24-7 - its those evil 4-letter words that are the real culprits.

John C.

Never mind...found it.

The Cockroach of Del Monte

My tip of the hat to Scott or whoever edited the brilliant, near-popsicle-stick-choking-with-laughter editing of John Denver.

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