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July 14, 2006


Holland Oats

I'm hearing a little Technotronic, a little 10,000 Maniacs...

fatty jubbo

wow! that's a kickin'! I want to know what the hell he's mumbling about. there's material there for 10 dance remixes!

fatty jubbo

someone just sent me a youtube link for something else on the "Sem Meias Palavras" TV show that this source material is from. What is it? It seems the whole show revolves around interviewing severely drunk and fucked up people usually injured in some way. NOW THAT'S ENTERTAINMENT!

Toxteth O'Grady

Somebody get this guy a record contract.


oh yeahhh!! Jeremias for de word!! \o\

Jeremias sing:

"Ei ei ei ei, sem você não viverei, todo amor que eu te dei"

“hey, hey, hey, hey, without you I will not live, all love that I gave to you”



He is a legend!
Im from the same town as him!!! Wooooo! He is just the perfect picture of some of the characters u can find there.
That program is supposed to be a serious new program about crime etc, but i think they realized interviewing wasted people who were arrested for various reasons was far more entertaining. Too right!
What hes saying, i mean slurring, is a lot of crap including "if i could, id kill a thousand cos im a real man"(things u think when ur drunk) "Morons must die" "i was drinking in hell " and "it was satan that put it for me to drink" .... and then he sings that song stated above... its hard to translate cos hes got a real strong northeast accent and personally you would appreciate it a lot more if u could understand him and the slangs. Still i think it deserves an award! hahaha

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