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July 06, 2006


Goyim in the AM

Let's see: I've played with Mary, Mary's played with Trevor, Trevor's played with Terry...
The good news is I'm just four degrees of musical separation from Dale Bozzio!!!!
The bad news is I'm four degrees of musical seperation from Frank Zappa.

husker dude

another band that never anticipated the internet search engine: CAN


Can someone tell me what soundtrack Destination Unknown was on? It's been bugging the hell out of me since I heard it on Mike's show.

fatty jubbo

I saw Missing Persons live a few years ago. It was a New Years Eve show at the decrepid Congress Theater in Chicago- they were playing with a bunch of other washed up has-beens. I had a friend who lived in the theater and we stopped by her place before going out for our festivities. We only watched the Missing Persons set, which was...uh...interesting. No Terry Bozzio. Dale Bozzio was haggish and in some other world- she was yapping between songs, trying to make jokes, trying to flirt with the new young guy was pretty sad. At one point she went on a long anti-Terry Bozzio rant, claiming the young guy was a much better drummer at which point she told him to do a drum solo to prove himself. The theater was scattered with 40-something married types trying to relive their youth. Nobody looked like they were having a good time. They had a fucking crane camera to tape the whole goddamn sad event!

Having huge holes in my knowledge of music, I had only a faint idea of who they were. I was with a big Zappa fan who shocked me when he said the original drummer was in one of Zappa's bands.

Holland Oats

Try searching for The The while yer at it!

dave from Knoxville

Searching for Yes is no piece of cake, either. Not that most of you would want to.

John from Oslo

I had to dig up some info on old zappa musicians when Dweezil and the "Zappa plays Zappa" band came a while ago. And I found porn...
Dale Consalvi was also a Playboyâ„¢ pool- (as in billiards) bunny in Boston, before meeting up with FZ in L.A. But I digress... I totally agree with you Scott, they do strange new agey stuff nowadays, the lot... Weird, 'cause their virtousity has forever burnt their licks and swiss ostinatoes into my brain. What they did with FZ was great, and Missing Persons wasn't too bad either, just very "80ish" I even bought O'Hearns "Between two worlds" and thought it was ok (back then...)
I saw Terry Bozzio at some "Drum Clinic" thing with Dom Famularo some years ago - I was stunned as to how bloody YOUNG he looked, in worn-out jeans - playing his enormous drumkit (with a million toms tuned in quarter notes) and now MP is doing these "Lost 80s Live" gigs, with "A Flock of Seagulls", "Bow wow wow", "Devo", oh well...
If you can get it - listen to Terry's drumming on the 70's Brecker Brothers album "Heavy Metal Be-Bop" - some great hard hitting "jazz" drumming there...

Dale Hazelton

And I just threw away the Dale Bozzio Hustler test shoot issue from 1984. Who knew? Unfortunately she had done her own hair and makeup, more 70's porn starlet than 80's new wave queen.

Did you see her on last summer's secret pleasure, "Hit Me Baby One More Time"? She looked pretty good, cleaned herself up drugwise I guess. I was hoping they would bring that show back, if only to see how bald and out of shape alot of those acts have become -- you won't think of a Flock of Seagulls ever the same again.

Did they ever show the Plasmatics on MTV? Wendy O. Williams definitely bested Dale Bozzio in the costume department:

tony z.

It's not that hard.

Mark Allen

Worst searchable band name: X


One of the best drum solos (in a pop song context) is performed by Terry Bozzio in the MP song "Windows." In an otherwise sedate tune, this bombastic roll around the kit and syncopated flam-fest is a real treat. Hope you can find it. I might have it in my Nomad ocean...if so I'll post it later....

Joel Sanderson

I managed a drive-in movie theater in the 80's when "Lunch Wagon" (or "Lunch Wagon Girls") came out. I usually ignored this type of movie when they played at the theater, but one night while walking across the theater's lot from the concession stand to the office, I froze in my tracks as Terry Bozzio appeared on the movie screen. I couldn't believe he was appearing in such a piece of crap film, but the bands music performance was pretty good. They appear in the film as a bar band, maybe even with lines of dialouge (?) and perform "Mental Hopscotch" and "I Like Boys" on camera. The film pops up on cable from time to time and appears to have been released on VHS.

Bryan Martin

"Mental Hopscotch" is performed by the band more than once in the movie, and the bridge is peppered all throughout the film. oddly, i purchased a copy of this movie a few months ago from the record store i work at and am obviously just getting the to July BOHA, but i've only been able to sit through "Lunch Wagon" once. rediculous

Bryan Martin

typo and all

Harry McLeran

Terry Bozzio is a nice guy. Check out his drumming on Zappa's "Zoot Allure's" LP. Great.
Didn't Dale to an album with Prince producing? Think it was just called, "Dale."
"Destination Unknown" IS a great track.

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