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July 02, 2006



I love how all the German players are just barely singing along with the Village People. All, except for Jurgen Klinsmann. He can REALLY sing!!!

Germany will win this World Cup. Definitely.

Camila Ueoka

If you have traveled to Germany of the last couple of decades, you might notice a underlying shame that remains from the II World War. The World cup in Germany has allowed the German people to raise their spirits and move beyond the travesty of their past. I hope that Germany wins and that this win will and the theme about Saying no to all types of racism prevail into the future.


1982: The Scotland World Cup Squad had a hit with their song, "We Have a Dream"


In the link you can find the annoying video of the Spanish team.

Albgardis Ungvarsky

Thanks so much for these wonderfully hilarious old songs. I am a german immigrant, old enough to remember Gerd Mueller shooting the winning goal in 1974. He was a hero! And I do remember his songs were played even on northern german radio stations (considering the fact he is Bavarian, that is a sensation!!). Does someone have the outstanding "Fussball ist unser Leben" as mp3 by the national team (I think 1974)??? That would be a special treat!


Team manager Beckenbauer famously kicked backup goalkeeper Uli Stein off Germany's squad during the '86 world cup because the latter had called him a 'Suppenkasper' (= soup clown). Though most considered Stein to be Germany's best goalie at the time, the 'Kaiser' had relegated him to warming the bench in favor of Toni Schumacher, whose two blunders during the final against Argentina cost Germany the championship.

 not interesting

Schumacher said afterwards "Ich habe gehalten wie ein Arsch" ("I kept like an ass"). (Kann das wer besser übersetzen?)


The Soupspot with Beckenbauer is to see here in a TV-Show-Hommage after 4 Minutes, just 10 Seconds or so. Maybe you can cut it out...



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