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July 06, 2006



Carlos Mencia leaves me speechless. His smugness is the worst part, as I feel incapable of adequately hating him because he so loves to be hated, without understanding the true reasons he is so despicable, as though any contempt for him is a symptom of over-sensitivity to his RAW AND UNADULTERATED DELIVERY OF TRUTH. "Down with your polite PC bullshit!" says Carlos! "I TELL IT LIKE IT IS!"

As though it isn't bad enough that the jokes he tells have been told countless times before him, they are devoid of any punchlines or even a semblance of humor -- trite observations and complaints, prosaically shouted out in crescendo to create the illusion that he's the first to say these things. To watch his act is to be blinded and deafened by his undeserved and raging ego.

Jesse Thorn

Two fun Galifianakis links:
Download ZG and Fiona Apple's "Up in Them Gutz" from Dog Bites Man

also: An interview with Zach in realaudio


Mr. Galifiniakis won my heart when I saw him in the B (read: C) film 'Out Cold.' It's a snowboard movie based on Casablanca. Anyway, Zach really carries the film, and I've tried to see everything he's done since then. He even steals the show of the outtakes reel during the credits. I'm with you, can't say enough good about this guy.


He looks like Rupert from "Survivor."


He did a very enjoyable interview with Tom Scharpling on the Best Show a couple of weeks back: http://www.wfmu.org/listen.ram?show=19222&archive=27847

Steve PMX

love ZG. f'ing HATE carlos mencia. Him and the white trash guys. Poor Comedy Central must have run out of options quickly when they realized Chappelle wasn't coming back.

Jason Van Houtte

I just saw your blog on Zach G; I think I just saw him in the new Wholphin DVD #2. He is in "Pity Card" by Bob Odenkirk. He plays a guy at a party who knows all about different human ailments like scurvy, foot rot and ringworm. Its fuckin funny as all hell. I am pretty sure it's him. Check it out.

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