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July 27, 2006


Dan Willems

The mp3 file for cut# 6 Carroll is the same as cut# 7 Afghan Red. So there are two Afghan Reds and no Carroll file. Thanks for the very interesting/enlightening post.


Station Manager Ken

Thanks for the alert, Dan. I fixed that link - track six (Carroll)can now be downloaded.



the section from 0:30 - 1:15 in the second track sounds a lot like a squarepusher acid line .... wild! check it out, seriously, its rad!


sorry, that :30 - 1:15 selection is actually in the third track, clootch hunt/ very cool! check the tweak at 1:05!


I lived in wendell depot masssachusetts in the 70zzz--"job"was my landlord for a while-
at that time,he was married to Elwood Babbit's(the psychic,my neighbor) ex wife,Emily-and he had a scam cult
going-"ammal's Garden"(he said Ammal was the saint for beggars and thieves)-
I helped him re-open the drive in theatre in amherst,where we showed Zappa's 200 motels on
opening week----
he and emily took off around 78/79,and i never heard from him again.
you can imagine my interest reading this blog post:)
thanks,Ken,and greetings from oregon:)


What I want to know-- and I'm sure I speak for pretty much everybody here-- is just how many of those 12 marriages took place AFTER Harv became a Mormon, and what was the greatest number of wives he had at one time?

For some reason I'm picturing Kevin Pollack in the film version of The Harvey Matusow Story. Or maybe Dick Miller. Possibly rotoscoped, like in "A Scanner Darkly."


And by the way-- is "Poo Children on Mountain" a typo for "Poor Children"? (I hope not!)

Steve D

Amazing. this takes me back to a wild night in 1971, when I heard this album for the first and only time. Yet weirdly 18 nuns has stuck with me for all those years, and I never, ever, ever thought I would hear it again.

What a treat!!!!!!!!!!!


thanks for the artical
i have a copy of the album and damb fine it is to.
some years back i tracked harvey down over the early internet he was working on some local cable show.
i wanted to find out who was on the cover of fats and thins, turns out it was him and a roadie he forgot the name of.
any how
nice artical

David Suisman

A minor correction: It was not "Anna" Lockwood but "Annea," a fluxus artist known in the 1960s and 70s for burning and drowning pianos and more recently for her recorded soundscapes of, first, the Hudson River, and, since then, the Danube. Many 'FMU DJ's have played her work (including me), and Bethany had a lengthy interview with her in 2006:


Does anyone know where to find jew's harp music on vinyl? I'm thinking of the potentials of a dj mix.

Eloise Clark

Job was only married to one women at A time . When they found out that he was a conartist and would leave him . He was always playing on peoples kindness . Very big ego . The charity thing was a front . To get money from people . I know . I was married to the man at one time . He smoked pot and was trying to get it legalized .

Jim Hardy

Yes, I met Harvey Job Matusow in 1992. He was running a run down motel, just outside of Tucson, Arizona,USA. He had set up a scheme as the Ghandi Peace Center. He used to collect food for his unfortunate collection of people in need. He collected money from the Mormon's to suport his cause. I had fallen on very bad times, and became one of his tenants.

He stocked his own larder, and fridge first. When the food began to spoil, then he passed it out freely. I had a computer at the time, and he wanted me to do his financial records for him, which I did. His records consited of falsified documents.
He and some of his close associates stole receipt books from legal businesses, and made up there own paid receipts for sevices. It didn't take long to discover his cover ups. He had keys to all the mail boxes, and was stealing Federal Food Stamps from the tenants, and selling them for extra cash. And yes, he went to church every Sunday.

He knew a lot of the local politicans, and other arostcricy, and many thought he was a Saint. But I will tell you, he was a DEVIL.

Jobe hmmm he coped a bounce of space heaters and clothes and hooked up with a guy fry in Ohio / side note for now I was the driver) to take this load to pine ridge Indian rez in south Dakota, Me and Jobe drove smoked some weed and talked at this time Jobe laid it all down to me and I was picking it up brother.
he felt it was the time and I don't know why but he said I was the man and then we spoke he mumbled about being nailed to a tree then it was all laiyed down to me as if to carve it into my head and with that said poof you need the words to chat..
damage damage damage how do you step up from that kind of crazy ?? at least he gave his real side to me to keep that day truly weird and hart true to lay it down and to gain nothing as he noted to me to know is its power...more offered and told to much to type


Before I knew anything about Job's history I knew him as a con artist. The little chihuahua tucked into the bib of his overalls beneath the dark countenance's of his sizing-you-up face. But what a history. Can't help but be impressed.
Found his grave in Wendell, MA


Just found a copy of this in Weybridge England , home town of John and Yoko . the link seems too obvious but hey who knows .

This copy is an original on HDLS 6001 It does not have Afghan red as the lead track to side B but has 'Lovers of saint Cesspool Square.

Andy, Guildford Uk -

Rozemin Keshvani

Dear all, does anyone have any information on who might have the copyright on Harvey Matusow's works? I am trying to get access (for an exhibition I am curating on Better Books, the Charing Cross bookshop) to a film he allegedly made when he came over to London, but need to get copyright holders permission first. Any help would be most appreciated.


Good lord its Pynchon isnt it?

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