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July 19, 2006


Goyim in the AM

Wasn't it a British hospital radio dj who broke Jonesy's record?


oh, was it?!? i'm not sure...

Gary Grainger

Bishop Auckland General Hospital is my local hospital - my 3 kids were born there, and we have spent many hours in Accident & Emergency, with the usual child (and adult) ailments. The Hospital radio is pretty damned good, actually - the volunteer staff really seem to enjoy what they are doing.


Ah, nice to see a bit of recognition for hospital radio. I volunteered for Ashford Hospital Broadcasting Service (under the William Harvey Hospital link) for a few months in 1994, was a great laugh. Took part in a 50-hour continuous music marathon for fundraising.

The pensioners in the ward always used to ask for the most crushingly obscure/boring songs from wartime though...

Krys O.

Golly, your post reminded me of the League of Gentleman character, Mike King who was the hospital dj. Les McQueen does a fill-in for Mike King in one of the episodes. I digress.

Hope you're well and haven't had a relapse.

Steve PMX

Winamp used to let you access up to 5000 Shoutcast radio streams, and you'd find tons of 911 Emergency streams from all over the world. Also some Dutch police scanner streams and a bunch of other random similar stuff. But now you can only go up to like 30 shoutcast streams for some reason - sucks.

However, if you go to - you can type "scanner" into the search field and get back 6 pages of random scanner streams. And if you have a mac, you could use Audion to check out the scanner streams AND put effects on the audio. Police 911 scanner on heavy dub delay is a special treat


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Entertainments in hospitals in the form of televisions and in-house radio are a sure way to lift up the spirit of patients. A patient tends to get very boring sitting idly for long, and sitting alone for a longer stretch of time also make one ponder more of his/her own ailments and injuries and suffer, but with the entertainment options in-hand, the mind can be diverted from the immediate suffering and relax the patient.

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