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July 26, 2006


All the best in contacting this guy. We all live in hope if hearing from Mr Bhekhirst and the eventual 10-CD box set of out-takes from Rhino.


Thank you very much for this...I only knew hot in the airport,,,a masterpiece of something canĀ“t expalined by words...Now the whole album is availabe,,,thank you very much for the guy who did this...


This whole mystery is terribly interesting. I'm glad to have run across JHDG. While hearing "I Run My Car," and concurrently reading the lyrics posted on I decided that the song is actually about music, more specifically as played via a 45 rpm record. Consider the "go slow" lyric adjustment suggestion made by 'someone (irwin chusid?) [, who] claimed that it's "go slow", instead of "no snow".' If that is the case then "go slow to pin" is what the needle does as a record is playing. As for "hold to the right," that's what a listener would do with the needle once the record has finished playing, after it has gone slow to pin, so to speak. Any comments are appreciated although this site hasn't had a post in quite a while.

Nick Williams

Please contact me if you have a higher bit rate rip of the tape/single or high quality scans of the packaging

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