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July 03, 2006



what a touching post that reminds us of how family is so important even during it's ups and downs....namaste.


God bless you. And your sister.


Hi Bronwyn, I remember the show you did shortly after your sister's death. It left me in tears (while at work!), the same way your tribute to Dog Saunders did. It still stands as some of the Best Radio I've Ever Heard. Thanks for giving us what cuts to the heart. I look forward to hearing you more. Thanks for reading my comment and may God bless.

DJ Taffy Davis

Wow Bronwyn! Sorry about your loss!
Thanks as always for sharing the
latest details from your personal
life. Much respect - hang in there!
Long time listener since "truck stop
tea party" days. Big hugs 4 u!
DJ Taffy


That was a really good piece of writing - thanks for sharing it!


Sorry to hear about your loss. If death only happened in cheesy melodramas it would be a lot less complex. My younger brother died of a heart attack in the early '90s while working out in the gym. He was so shit hot to go work out he wouldn't drive 3 minutes out of the way to drop me off and I had to walk home from my last encouter with him in the rain. The whole muscleman bodybuilder/male body dysmorphia thing still leaves me confounded and dismayed.

Dale Hazelton

It's amazing, and sad, how siblings who sometimes share most everything as children -- rooms, baths, toys, clothes, games, cartoons, records, school, on and on -- can grow so far apart so quickly.

I have a brother I've seen and talked to twice since 1977. The first time when our father died, the second a decade later when our mother died. Each time he needed us to pay for his plane fare, and buy him some dress clothes and a tie for the funerals. When our mother died he promised to pay the money back when he got his share of the estate. We haven't heard from him since, and that was 6 years ago.

I don't know what is sometimes harder to swallow, the estranged relationship, or the loss of one more link to childhood, which is getting much too distant for my liking.


I love U Iowa Firecracker.

Melissa Kosmicki

Was your sister's name Gwen? I'm so sorry for your loss.

matt ellison

Hey, it's me, marco cunneberski...from Dublin. Listened to your voice on the death of your sister. You sound just like you sounded at Reed.

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