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July 11, 2006



Listen to Syd's last interview in April 2005: ... (mp3 here)

Janey Yonkers

Where, where the hell is Syd?


I can't believe it-


Farewell, Syd. RIP


Holy s**t!
Is this 100% true?


won't you miss me, wouldn't you miss me at all?


thanks for sharing this stuff.


A deeply sad day. I am devastated. I have published a tribute to him which I found very hard to do.


"Listen to Syd's last interview in April 2005" - this ain't a real interview, folks. No one who knew him called him Syd actually - His family called him Roger. He lived in Cambridge UK, he didn't move to France, and he lived alone. Nice to hear that Television Personalities song, tho.


I wasn't amused by the "final interview" joke either. Not today particularly.

Stick to "Piper" and "Madcap" and don't forget the Floyd singles, "Jugband Blues", "Scream Thy Last Scream" and "Vegetable Man" for the true Syd.


Also, blogger doesn't support trackback but I've linked to this post today because as usual WFMU kicks ass.

Merle Heinz

WTF is the deal with that awful loop thing?? Yuck


Young Syd may have been one of the most handsome pop stars ever.


Surprised that no one has noted this song that R. Stevie Moore recorded the very day we all got the sad news.

Scott  Harlowe

I love Syd Barrett (Roger Barrett). He is one of my favorite people of all time!!!!
I love his sense of humor.

Damn, that guy was great!!!


Syd barrett was the shiznit and the greatest artist ever ... FUCK david gilmour, fuck Roger waters for destroying syds career...


Rest in pace Syd. i never won't forget.You were...fantastic,amazingĀ” i love Syd
Shine on you crazy diamondĀ”

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