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July 04, 2006



There was a "before" period when he put out "non-crap" material? Shite. Ya learn something gnu everyday.


Well, yeah man... there was "The Gambler".
Alright, ya got me! There was also "Coward of the County", touche mon frere, touche.

Krys O.

Trivia - R. Stevie Moore's dad, Bob played bass on "The Gambler."

(btw-only one 'T' in Muppet)

Gerald Osbourne

Kenny Rogers? BEFORE all the crap? Hes ALWAYS been crap! Period.


Whoa whoa whoa everyone. Kenny Rogers and The First Edition - "Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)" was an AM hit in 1968. I had the 45 and played it constantly. Contains the lyric, "I tore my mind on a jagged sky." Also used in the film The Big Lebowski. Look it up:


I can't watch this through the firewall here at work. If I remember correctly the final chorus features the ghost of the deceased muppet gambler levitating and dancing and adding little
enthusiastic phrases, like "oh yeah!" and such. So this was probably the high water mark for dancing muppet ghosts.


In the age of vinyl (the hey day of said medium) I bought a couple of jazz records and by accident picked up a Kenny Rogers album that had been on the counter. My friends and I found it to be quite an efficient frisbee, with surprising aerodynamics, gliding through the air as we spun it from the freeway overpass....'course it done met a bad end in the end....

McGuffyMACK '89

I'll pay bigg $$$ if anyone can find a velvet painting of Kenny Rogers.


I have always, always loved Kenny Rogers ... from " Coward of the County" ... to "The Gambler" ...and many, many more. Did you guys get to see him help the contestants on American Idol this year and then hear his latest performance? He was awesome. I have not bought his new album as of yet but I most definitely will. Kenny is awesome !!!


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