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July 13, 2006



Wow, I'm so proud of my employer! These exercises in surrealism rival those made by my own students here at the U of I. Maybe the lab can turn its attention to IB in other basketball games. I vote for the Gorilla as our new mascot...


i saw the opaque gorilla video in psych class in college
i fell for it
the reason for the inattentional blindness is definitely not inattentional amnesia, that's ridiculous
you filter out information that is not pertinent to your perception
just like when driving and focusing on the road, not on the oil stains on the freeway
you don't forget about them
you just don't bother to register them
i guess my point is they don't enter your short term memory, just your working memory
is that amnesia? i hope not
anyway, psych videos are pretty much all fascinating (to me anyway) so keep posting!


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I did the test without knowing anything about it, I saw the gorilla and thought that was just put in there to distract you from counting the passes :P



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