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July 20, 2006


fatty jubbo

I used to work in a dreadful cyber cafe and we had a regular who was a very well dressed older gentleman. I would occasionally peak at what he was looking at online and it was usually stuff like this or stock photos of frightened children.

Jesse Ford

Ms. Greenberg was criticized by Thomas Hawk in his blog for the techniques she used to get these children in a state of dishabille. In response, Ms. Greenberg called Hawk's (completely unrelated) place of work and involved his boss in the matter.
BoingBoing posted it here:

Kenzo ( /

Let's try to be clear about what "criticism" was apparently levied by Hawk (see his post here): His post seems to call her a child abuser, a child pornographer, claims she is "taking babies" and "stripping them of their clothes," her purposes are "sadistic," draws an analogy between giving a child a lollypop and then taking it away to prisoners at Abu Ghraib, claims she did more to provoke the kids than merely what she claims she did...

I don't directly know what else happened (beyond what I read in various posts), and I don't have any feeling about right and wrong here. I just wanted to get more facts out there, since the comment above and the BoingBoing article seem a bit one-sided.


Variations on a theme?

Krys O.

Doesn't sound like anything Judy Garland's or Shirley Temple's moms didn't do for the sake of show business.

The Contrarian

As the parent of a 3 year-old who sure knows how to belt out a good cry, I didn't get upset at all by these photos. Heck, I wanted to give these tykes a hug and tell them that it's okay (please don't sue me...its just the parental instinct coming on). My son cries when I tell him that he is not getting that $45 Thomas the Tank Engine toy. If that's child abuse, then lock me up, I guess.

Without setting off a political firestorm, if you wanna see some real distressed toddlers, someone e-mailed me a Flikr page of depressing and disturbing photos taken in Lebanon this week (NSFW). I dunno about art, but war is always hell.


reminds me of De Stijl's last, I mean "Third Toga Party from the Sun" - an oil painting

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