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July 29, 2006



Looks like mad max is finally officially bat-shit nuts. With any luck he'll be on evangelical tv with kirk cameron and "buddy" from who's the boss in no time. That oughta make for some interesting Youtubes.

the real will

oh shut up. most of you fucks agree with what drunk mel gibson said. drunk mel gibson sounds like noam fuckin' jewsky. long live israel and the zionist dream!


The real will just hit a home run.
Some holy man, but I bet he's embraced by more leftists now. Nevertheless...
Fuck Mel Gibson! Fuck "The Passion of the Christ"!
God Bless Cecil B DeMille, the Almighty's own director. God Bless "King of Kings" ('27).

supreme nothing

His career could survive this whole anti-jew rant, seeing how he'll be able to hang onto the neo-Nazi / ultra-right wing / extremist muslim / ultra-left wing demographic.

(And yes, all four belong together.....)


shee-it, couple o' rubber bands in the beard and hot damn if you don't have a slightly skinnier Lou Albano!


is it really necessary to point out that you can support the existance of the state of israel, not be an anti-semite, but at the same time disagree with the policies of the israeli government. come on, you don't have to hate americans to disagree with george bush. the difference is, mel gibson is a crazy anti-semite who made an anti-semetic movie and whose father says that the holocaust didn't happen. noam chomsky was a zionist organizer before israel even existed. all of you morons who think that leftists hate jews need to take a look at who the leaders leftist movement in america are...uh...yeah...whole lot of jews there.


So basically South Park's portrayl of him--as bat-shit crazy--is 100% on the mark. Well, I sort of already figured as much.


That's not Mel Gibson. Its Saddam Hussein.


Surprise: Celebrity is antisemitic, pretty much like every other common guy.

Roy Rosenthal

I agree with Zach. I'm a left-wing Jew myself. It's amazing how pervasive the rights mythology about people on the left has become that even FMUers buy into it. You can oppose the occupation of Palestine and still be pro-Jew and pro-Israeli. Maybe you guys should read some Chomsky or Zinn (both Jews) and actually get an accurate picture of what people on the left think before criticizing them with republican talking points.


I guess this means "The Passion Of The Christ" was anti-Semitic.


Over all, Mel's comments really mean one thing -- he's out of his frickin' gourd. However I don't think it's necessary to consider the rantings of someone that's mentally unstable as a basis to choose sides on for any political debate. (with the exception of the president perhaps...)

I look at it this way; the crazy guy on the subway that says all babbles out weird and ugly comments, you know the guy that you always get stuck sitting near who spouts an undeciferable torrent of Turrets weirdness... well I give his comments as much political weight as Mel's.

The bottom line, If someone's nuts, nod politely and walk on buy.
Plus I think we'll be seeing Mel on Oprah in the next 4 to 6 months, all sobered up, attempting to dig himself out of the weird hole he's dug himself.



Don't forget:

"You mother f****r. I'm going to f*** you." The report also says "Gibson almost continually [sic] threatened [the officer] saying he 'owns Malibu' and will spend all of his money to 'get even' with me."


Gibson then noticed another female sergeant and yelled, "What do you think you're looking at, sugar tits?"

Look, I know this sounds bad, but remember that it was all originally spoken in Aramaic.

bo diddly

norelpref.."all of you morons ...who think..."

spoken like a true intellectual. ha

the south park episode about mel gibson says it all. how's that for learned.

let's sell the world and buy a new one!


howzabout FMUer's swayed by left-wing mythology, as in 9/11 being controlled demolitions? frig celebs and hacks. face it, anti-zionism, that hangover from Hitler, is the motivator. what the state of Israel has undertaken is necessary, the world will benefit from this unpleasant task. and it's amazing how laborious it's been to try and prove Bush wrong, when he's been in the right all along. christian freak that he is

John from Oslo

This guy is seriously going to wreck Oprah's sofa soon, with wiiiild crazy-holy-man jumping!

Girl you thought he was a man
But he was a muffin
He hung around till you found
That he didnt know nuthin


"You can oppose the occupation of Palestine and still be pro-Jew and pro-Israeli"

Does "pro-Israeli" mean pro-Israel? If so how do you define "the occupation of Palestine?" How is it possible to oppose the occupation of Palestine and at the same time be pro-Israel? The state of Israel is nothing more than a Jewish occupation of Palestinian land! You can't have it both ways.

This is logic, not a set of "Republican talking points."


Sugar tits?!
sounds like something Frank Rizzo would say.
maybe Mel is going to direct Jerky Boys II.


That's not exactly logic, it's sophistry. While that argument may have had merit before the founding of the Jewish state, at this point, Israel proper is a legitimate state with as long a history as any of the muslim states which were founded after WWII. There is however a major difference between geographical Israel and the so called "occupied territories." At this point it would make about as much sense to kick the Israelis out as it would to kick out the remaining Palestinians. I have yet to meet a leftist who advocates this. The terms of the two state solution are very complicated, as is almost every aspect of this debate. My point earlier was just that too many people simplify this issue into being a two-sided, black and white debate and to their credit, most leftists at the very least understand its complexity even if their understanding of the underlying issues is minimal.

Dr. Cam

Here's Mel's dad with one of Australia's leading neo-Nazi lights:

Sexy, sexy men.

Also, apparently he "tried to urinate in his cell"? Does that mean he did not succeed?

dj pheyseys

Any chance we'll get to hear the tape of Mel asking "are you a Jew?"?


I've been misquoted. My comment was:

shee-it, couple o' rubber bands in the beard and hot damn if you don't have a slightly skinnier Lou Albano!

Although I would agree that people actually READ Chomsky and Zinn before characterizing them as "zionists." I don't believe their respective writings support such a cursory and tendentious "thesis."


Mel Gibson overt anti-semitic nutjob? Well I believe that.
What I don't believe is that my step grandfather Irv was the only Jew standing on a soapbox in the Bronx in the 20s and 30s arguing against zionism.


Mel is kooky. Check him out!


Mel Gibson States"I acted like a person completely out of control when I was arrested, and said things that I do not believe to be true and which are despicable. I am deeply ashamed of everything said" Now seriously, How many of you have drank to the extent of saying things that you do not really believe to be true in your heart, things that you regret later on? I imagine more than 80% of all drinkers have had that experience, and I believe more than 90% of NON drinkers have made remarks or comments to someone that they later regret and do not full heartedly believe is true. How many of you have said "I HATE YOU" to your mother or father, then later feel guilty because your anger was in control, not you? Alcohol was in control, you cannot blame the person who said these things when they were not in their right state of mind at the time. Besides, how do you know he isn't talking about the zionist jews who aren't even of semite origin who are in fact causing the wars?

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