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July 29, 2006



My opinion is that alcohol isn't going to put thoughts in you head that weren't there already.
Besides think about Israel for second, it's in the mid-east but not _of_ the mid-east so to speak. While it has an arab majority the government is controlled by a non-arab, non-muslim minority. Plus it has no oil to speak of so doesn't share a major economic interest with many of its neighbors. Frankly if I were one of the WASPs that are actually are calling the shots, I'd fund it out the gazoo too. If anything the zionists in Israel are being played by the protestants here in the US. That's how proxies work, and the U.S. has way more power of any of its proxies than countries like Iran or Syria have over theirs, (Hezbollah). It's a way to control the oil market, exactly how much loyalty the US will display towards Israel once the 13 US bases are contructed in Iraq remains to be seen.
Also, call me a softy but I've never said "I hate you" to any of my relatives.
I am looking forward though the the schadenfreude of seeing MG on informercials.


"My opinion is that alcohol isn't going to put thoughts in you head that weren't there already."

my thoughts exactly/ alcohol in excess, for some, strips away at that barrier seperating our civil from our beastial selves/
when i read what he said i immediately thought that the meat of those comments are what swims around deep in the man, no matter the extent of the public face or surface grooming, what we saw was the man laid bare, and hell yeah we should be suspicious of his claims at this point/

Keyser Sose

Lethal weapon! Mad Max! shock and awe! Drive my Lexus drunk !… Rambo would do better than this Mel bitch… Even the name is bitchy. “Mel”. “Meow”

His antisemtic views of the world are as distorted as his drunken ass has been for a long time. Poor Christ: the corpse is rolling on the grave after Mel’s interpretation of the events back on the days.

This is all soo poor, so tabloid, so second class. This guy has no talent, no future, only a bank account fed by the endelss crap Hollywood can produce and sell under a so so face & his butt showing up on that scotish rebel movie. Good for him.

Will likely show up dead one day. Overdosed.

Meow: retire !!!!!

Juan Oskar

Mel was totally out of line making his drunken' rage comment "All the wars in the world are caused by Jews." How many times have we heard,

"All the wars in the world are caused by religion."? Now that would insult, Jews, Christians, and Muslims and I've never heard an apology for that.

J Lemmon

Christ you know it ain't easy
You know how hard it can be
The way things are going
They're going to crucify me

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