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July 12, 2006



“George Bush’s Bad Dream”

I was ridin down the line
in the old caboose
when I heard the word
Charles Manson was loose!

He’d headed straight for the White House
past the Security guards
made it past the dog
in the Presidents yard

Till he wormed his way
like a sneaky black cat
to the Oval Office
where the President sat

As the locks went click
George Bush gave a start
to stare in the eyes
of Charles Manson’s black heart

“It’s manu au manu
Just you and me”
Charlie said with a grin as George
started to pee

But to give Bush his credit
to give Bush his due
on Manson’s pale forehead

While Charlie did manage
to rummage the desk
and stamp ‘666'
upon Georges Bush’s chest

When the Secret Service
finally broke up the fight
they saw what to them
was a horrible sight

Both men were naked
in a compromised position
all Sodomized but,
Couldnt say whichun was whichun!


I had the notion that, Bush and Manson were similar and found that they have 99.9 percent compatible biorythems.

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