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July 20, 2006


Brian C

Can someone please post the direct youtube link, or more info so I can search it out? I can't see anything here.


Oh my god he looks like the Indian Jeff Lynn.

Woulda gone from 11 to 11-and-a-half if the person editing this had thought to "echo" the jump into frame at 1:47 a few times.



(And that seriously looks like Benny Hill playing the honcho-type guy.)


Three things:

(1) is this the opening to Jesus Christ Superstar?
(2) is that a Snow White and the Seven Dwarves painting at the 0:47 mark?
(3) must. learn. that. dance.


Youtube link is here.

Goyim in the AM

Damn -- that song would have been awesome enough (completely unironically) WITHOUT the visuals. Add the movie, and . . . damn. If this song isn't available on any compilation cd, it needs to be.


Makes me wanna go see "Third Toga Party from the Sun" again...great east Indian film

Brian C

Thanks, Laura, for posting youtube link. I think I want them to play this video at my wake.


If you dug the Mohammed Rafi clip we posted a while back, here's one

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