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July 27, 2006


fatty jubbo

I looooove Nick The Bard! such a great strange voice!


Sorry Robin, but I vote Nick, if only for his song choices and not his voice (both sound wonderfully bad!)
If I may make a suggestion, I would like to see Nick continue doing concept albums (like "Thick as a Brick").
My current fantasy for today is picturing Nick do Dark Side of the Moon...hell, I'd PAY just to hear him do "Great Gig in the Sky"...


I have enjoyed so many of the strange and wonderous things on your station and your blog. However, this is one time I must suggest euthenasia for all these painfully deluded artists.

My brain spins hearing Nick the Bard's vocal approximations of Court and Spark.

If you can't kill them, then kill me. Thank you for posting these, anyway. Who else would be brave/foolhearty/idiotic/driven enough to do it?


I like bad music as much as the next guy, but this need not be encouraged. Don K.

Nick the Bard

Maybe Dark Side'll happen at some point. I'll just have to see if I can listen to the whole thing without hitting the skip button :/ ...

Yves Abouchar

I can't wait to listen to Nick the Bard's 'Dark Side' while watching the Wizard of Oz.


Be afraid. Be very afraid.


Proof that WFMU will sometimes acknowledge requests:

"Finally, Nick the Bard will return to Kenny's show to sing Pink Floyd's 'Dark Side of the Moon' in its entirety. A cappella. Please tremble accordingly."

Thanks Nick! Thanks Kenny!

Can't wait for this.

Sister Hairy Hymen

I just heard nick doing magical mystery tour finally wing has met her match. If you dont know wing I can send you some@
[email protected]

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